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Some advice or just somebody to listen would be helpful...


Hi, name's Rebekah I'm new here I don't know if I actually have anxiety naturally but I've had a life long history with very bad decisions in my life that have eventually lead to my more or less "behavioral issues", OCD, depression, "social anxiety" Etc ~

So yeah, my life didn't start out bad or anything, but again, my poor decisions in life is what lead to my eventual down fall. And anyway, I don't see that there's any way out.

Heck, even allot of my life issues/problems and circumstances seem to, in a way overtake the good decisions in my life right now. I want help and people are so intolerant at times. If I were them I'd have no patience for myself either. Anywho, I better not go on rambling...sometimes I do that............I feel as though I have the most problems on this my problems make others problems seem when others see my issues their likely thinking "wow, glad at least I'm not like her with her issues and circumstances "...that's pretty bad I know.

Advice or just somebody to be around would be somewhat helpful. Thanks and God bless.

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So like, where's this "support group" thingy...I don't see anything of the like. I saw the tab for it...aren't there like, any 'chat rooms' or something.....I mean isn't this about helping each other and our selves? I'm new here so..yeah...

I am here let's talk from hawaii

IM me on my profile

Please don't beat yourself up as you sound very depressed to me. Have you had medical help at all?

If you want to talk by a private message then I will be happy to give you an ear as I have suffered like you for a number of years. Good luck, you are not alone.

Hi Bird-67, thank you for your support. It's real good to know that I'm not the only one out there who is going through this...(*God forbid if you're showing your sorrow in front of people, because they don't be around you...I swear people are flaky, lol!*). No, I haven't had any medical help yet at least not professionally. Let's talk whenever you're available. Thank you and God bless!

Would you rather do private messages?

I am trying to send you a private message with my details but can't find how to do it. Do you know what to do?

Just go my profile on here and message me, we'll go on from there. Tell me more about yourself...(Bird-67)

i don't see you on here now...i know what you mean about the site,sort of odd, still beggars can't be choosers but you also can't say what you want and need as there seems to be a hierachy,maybe a nanny to control what comes on here,i think some are born vulnerable and the 'bad'? decisions come from this and people exploiting you ,often by being the perhaps not v kind people they are.~~doubt you'll see this sent with love and need ,oh i've just seen,you can do private messages ?

Depression can make everything seem so much worse than it is. We all make bad decisions in life See your doctor and take any advice they give you and give it time. Take it from me, once you are well you will see things in a completely different way xxxx

Smartbob1 - Yeah, I'm starting to think differently in my life. This is the second time I'm making a change in my great regret is that I came to change when it's too late in my life right now. And as far as things getting better, some of the things are circumstantial and so I have no control over those things. I feel like allot of the things I want to change are simply too late now. Hopefully they'll melt away soon in the future.....(-:

And thank you for the encouragement!

I feel the same way. Everything you said is what I'm feeling. I feel like I have no one to talk to. Actually I really don't have anyone that can understand what it is I'm going through or what I'm feeling. It would be really nice to have someone to talk to that knows somewhat of it is I'm going through. I'm here if you ever want to talk. My name is Allie.

Well I'm always here. Send me an IM...

Hey AllieCat88, I thank you and it would be nice to talk to others about this, it's good to know there's others out there with the same problems as me. I'd love to be an ear to you as well, right now I don't have a job (part of my depression), and so I'm available pretty much any time. God bless you. (-:

I don't have a job either. Looks like we have that in common. What type of job do you want?

Hopefully, (God willing) I'll work in the library or become a Phlebotomist. Right now I'm out of work. I just missed an interview for a maid job at a hotel here in Vegas due to transportation issues...

Hi Rebekah, I would be happy to listen and try to help each other. What are you having difficulty with? David

"What are you having difficulty with?" - Needhelp44, Where do I start, lol?

Proverbs 18:1

"A man who isolates himself seeks his own desire;

He rages against all wise judgment."


“A man is not called wise because he talks and talks again; but is he peaceful, loving and fearless then he is in truth called wise.” :)

Hope you doing well😊

Hi there. I am sorry that you have so many problems and I wish I could help you. If listening helps, I am all ears. I will say this: God didn't make any mistakes. You are here for a reason. Maybe it's to learn to make better decisions, who knows? Maybe it's to help other people in some way. Whatever your problems are, I hope that you are able to overcome them. Everyone needs support and things are much more difficult without it. Do you have any close family or friends? You may need to be medicated. I am on a heavy cocktail of meds and I still can't work due to my cognitive issues, etc., but meds have helped me in many ways in the past. And getting enough quality sleep is crucial when you have a mental health issue, so if you have any trouble sleeping, hopefully you will get on some sleep medication. Like I said, I am all ears, but if you reply, be patient for a response since I don't check my mail daily. Thanks and good wishes!!! Keep God in your life.

Thank you satci7774U (-:

So, have you been to a doctor and gotten a diagnosis for anything? Meds can help. Do you see a therapist? Have you had a psych assessment to see if treatment would be a good option for you?

Hello, so glad you found this group. I am new here too and so far am finding it so helpful to talk to other people going through the same things. I feel you should remember that we all make mistakes and bad decisions at some point. What we can work on is the present and making good decisions and continue to work on ourselves, build our confidence and know that we are worthy. My depression is really bad right now. A few months ago I had a major breakdown and I am doing everything possible not to get to that point again. Right now I am going out for a walk or possibly a run if I can bring myself up to it. Running helps me a lot but everyone has to find what works for them.Yoga is also extremely helpful for me but I can't seem to get into a good routine doing it. Life is so hectic and it is hard for me fitting everything I should do into the day. Mostly I have to remember to take it one day at a time. I have to remember using coping techniques. Journaling is helpful but when I get very overwhelmed I can't do it. It is just one more thing to do. When I do keep up with it though sometimes writing down what I am grateful for helps. What good happened during the day. I try to write positive things and affirmations. Don't discount doing daily affirmations such as saying I am worthy, I am a good person, I make good decisions, I am confident. The more you tell yourself these things the more you will believe them. Sometimes if there is something troubling me like a bad problem I write it down, how I feel about it, what I can possibly do to make it better. I don't like writing about the negative stuff but it helps me to some extent get it out of my brain and ruminating over it. I don't keep them though, I rip them up and throw them away when I am done. I don't want anyone else to see them. Sending you a hug and I think you will find lots of good support here as I think I will.

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