Anxiety, Mucus, Medication increase, No Energy


I have not posted since I joined this great group. I'm taking 125 Sertaline for depression and it was increased from 100 less than 2 weeks ago. Since the increase my energy level is down to nothing. I'm on the sofa all day and have interest to do nothing. Also taking 0.5 mg Clonazapam (used to be 1 mg could not function and blood pressure went down) each evening for anxiety and that makes me dizzy, sleepy and takes my energy level further down.

When anxiety hits I feel a lot of mucus in my throat and feel I can't breath. A week ago ended up in the ER with chest pain and had to stay overnight because my enzyme levels spiked. After a clear CT and EKG and declined enzyme level doctor told me that my heart is just fine. I'm tired to be tired. I don't want to sit on the sofa all day but don't know how to keep going. I still think there is something wrong with me but could that be just anxiety related?

Is any one experiencing same issue? How do you deal with constant feeling of mucus in the throat? Appreciate your wisdom.

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  • Maybe double check that you don't have a sinus infection or allergies.

  • Thank you for your reply. I went to a specialist ENT and the doctor said all my sinuses all clear. Never had allergies before but that's good to check.

  • I recently had a similar problem. It is very uncomfortable and made me keep swallowing and worrying. After a while it just sort of stopped. My ENT said allergies can start at any point in your life, but I didn't really feel like it was allergies. Do you drink enough water. My ENT reminded me to do that as if you are well hydrated the mucus is supposed to be thinner.

  • My ENT suggested more water, warm ginger or lemon tea should help with mucus build up. Need to drink more for sure.

    He looked with a camera up in my nose checking sinuses and it was all clear. He didn't see any buildup. I'm also reading that anxiety can cause mucus to build up. At times I feel like I'm chocking and my airway is clogged. Have to swallow all the time and I worry about it.

    I'm glad yours stopped, so there is hope.

  • Mine did all the same things, except did not mention the tea. I will keep that in mind. The swallowing and worrying is the worst part. This is a bit embarrassing but in my case I saw my gp and then saw 2 different ENTs. I think it can also be anxiety, but I know it is so hard to stop dwelling on it. Best wishes to you.

  • thank you, same to you.

  • Maybe double check that you don't have a sinus infection or allergies.

  • Hi Sunandfun,

    There are nearly 30 different antidepressants available on the market these days. Losing energy is one of the known side effects. Some of them are more energizing than others so you might ask the doctor to change to something else rather increase the dose of your current one.

    Movement is one of the most effective ways to improve your mood.

    Scheduling* something like walking into your day is a good start. It happens to be free, and its major side effects are all positives, such as decreased blood pressure, weight maintenance, improved strength, better sleep, and more. Feeling lethargic, unmotivated and crappy, rather than being a reason to stay on the couch, actually becomes the very reason to get off the couch.

    The important thing is to reframe your perspective so exercise doesn’t become something that you do when you have the energy and motivation, but something that you do in order to get the energy and the motivation.

    * Scheduling tip - every Sunday night I write out the schedule for the next week, starting with my walking times which have become non-negotiables except for unforeseen circumstances. I also put a star next to every walk I complete - I expect to see 7 stars or more at the end of the week. I also don't beat myself up if I don't walk because at least I succeeded on the other days :)

  • This is a fabulous idea.

  • I for sure will speak with my provider about medication and how it is making me tired. Setting goals is a great idea. Thank you for your tips blackcat.

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