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More On Odd Disorders That Can Cause Anxiety & Depression


This is JEG 325. About a year ago I was diagnosed with Hypokalemia. This is an unexplained loss of potassium resulting in fairly severe symptoms. The average level of potassium should be about 4.5 or so. Anything below 3.6 is considered low, below 2.5 is considered llife threatening. I was at 2.6 when I wlked into the ER and was tested. My magnesium was low too. But, even after lengthy treatment, my symptoms, including weakness, muscle pain, depression & anxiety, lingered on. Also no one could explain why my potassium level kept nosediving. I finally found the answer myself. A 2017 university study indicated beyond the shadow of a doubt, that low Vit D levels aggravate and worsen low potassium levels. Low Vit D and lack of sun exposure also worsen anxiety and depression. Vit D levels should be at 50. Below 30 is considered low & below 10 is life threateningly low. Mine had slid to 14.1. With a solid regimine of prescription potassium, prescription vit d-3, magnesium citrate & a few other vitamins, I improved right away. For me, sodium is a problem too. I eat way more salt then I should, This dehydrates me and aggravates the Hypokalemia too. I'm working on it, though.

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Thank you so much for this. I’ve learned the same from my research and haven’t figured out how to up my potassium so this is good info. Hypothyroidism disguises itself as depression too, as does hormonal imbalance.

So too does adrenal problems. I will speak a bit about yet another unusual connection in my next post. Thanks for your reply.

Yes adrenals and cortisol levels, and blood sugar. These things have a lot to do with how your mood shifts. Thanks tons.

How curious that those 3 things are connected. But, did you know that without the proper amount of potassium in your body, it doens't even recognize sugar properly. For me, everytime my potassium crashes, my sugar level crashes too. That's because your body cannot release insuling properly without being able to recognize the right amount of sugar in your blood. Virtually no one knows that fact.

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