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Struggling to go on another minute


I have extreme anxiety and depression.

I am struggling to live each minute- literally each minute

I only sleep a couple of hours each night.

I have lost a lot of weight and look ill

I am married with 2 children. I do not know what to do. My children don’t know. My wife is in denial about the seriousness of it.

I don’t want to be hospitalised- it would kill my children. I don’t want to take my own life- that would be worse. But I feel I am literally wasting away. Stomach in knots. Running on adrenaline and cortisol day and night.

I cannot sleep. I have no ideas left

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Have you spoken with your doctor?

Have you tried meditation?

I'm sorry your feeling like you are, anxiety does that it wants you to think like you are try changing your thinking patterns.

I'm trying that at the moment to and I know it's hard as I'm anxious at the moment it keeps popping up from no where today.

I've started cbd oil from love cbd see if it helps


Have you tried making an appointment witha therapist

I feel you and I understand you very well. It’s 1pm in my place and I’m dead in my bed not wanting to do a single thing as everything makes things bad.

Sometimes I am trying to calculate as you what would be better option. I was in a hospital and that not only saved my life but let me end the depression. I am fighting now only with anxiety. I took pills, I was seeing therapist and now I’m in a group therapy.

Everything helped in a way.

I also try to learn ways to cope with my problems.

I’m reading now a book of Claire Weekes. So far it is very helpful. It makes you feel that you’re not a weirdo.

Try it all. Just don’t dump yourself. Love yourself. And people that are with you.


I literally don’t know what to do today- this hour. It’s that bad and serious. Far far too many thinks to deal with. Way too insurmountable. Both life long and everyday things. Marriage in tatters. House in tatters. Business in tatters. Finances in tatters.

How much I understand you.

Sometimes I stop by an idea to write all my problems here and try to resolve them somehow with advices from the group. As my day is also horrible, I was even thinking to do it today. Maybe you could too. Maybe these wonderful people will give you an advice how to get to solution.

Often I think that there is no situation with a dead end. I think that there is always a way to make things better and easier. I just don’t have courage to start. Maybe you still have this little to just give it a try.

Hi man - I just joined here as I am trying to find some extra support to keep going - I saw your post and straight away wanted to reach out - my situation is virtually the same as yours - I know exactly how you feel when its like a mountain of problems in front of you so big that you cant see any way forward. I have had to keep going for my kids - it is my responsibility as I brought them into this world. My business, relationship, health etc have all gone down the pan and I have know one to turn to - I am the only person who can do anything to make things better - sometimes that has just been to survive the next moment. If you feel seriously suicidal get help - children's lives get very messed up when a parent kills themselves so its not an option for me. So I have accepted that I will go on - thats the first step - I keep on taking small steps, slowly moving forward - you can do it my friend - please have hope. This looks like a good community who can offer you support - please take help where ever you can get it as it is part of getting to a better place - if you want to message me that would be great as we can probably help each other to turn our lives around . Take care , keep safe

Many thanks FrancisF. I’ve messaged you. Would be a huge huge help to me if we can support each other?

that would be cool - just trying to find my way round to the chat as I cant access it at the moment

Your post is wonderful. Thank you!

I hope Francis that this community will become your friend soon. Feel welcome.

In anyways: I think we all need to figure out new way of living for us, something that doesn’t cause us hurting. Something that is not as overwhelming.

I wish you both so much of luck and courage. I’m sure you will do it!

thats so kind of you - many thanks for the warm welcome and encouragement - I hope that we can all find our way to a more positive place.

Hi,sounds like you need meds pal to calm your mind and nerves down,your mind is racing you need to see a dr I wish you all the best 🙏

I have Citalopram, diazepam and temazepam. Nothing touches it

I was on the same concoction and 80 mg methadone too I’m just on 300 x2 pregabalin now and in a much better place the benzodiazepines lose their effect after awhile as you know,ask your gp for build up drinks and get some weight back on .best wishes.

I'm sorry you feel so bad PositiveSurvival. Anxiety and depression are horrible. I know because I suffer from both. I would suggest exercise to burn off some of that adrenaline. It helps me. It is also a good distraction. Also try to find a good therapist. Hope you feel better soon.

Somehow I do believe that exercise help, I’ve never tried though...

Try to deal with the problems one at a time or else they can feel overwhelming.Write them down ,and how you can solve each and which one you should start with. Remember all things are possible with God, so stay close to Him. I will be praying for you.

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