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New here!


Hi I’m new here, I experienced my first panic attack at my job, like 6 months ago, and after that I have been so anxious about going out, o being alone outside of my house. They gave me meds. but i quit after two months, because I want to treat whatever I have in a natural way... Also next week I’m gonna start visiting the psychologisg.. Some advise about how to control a anxiety attack? Thanks.

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Hi, sorry to hear you have been experiencing panic attacks it's horrible I know. I was having constant attacks earlier this year and like you was initially reluctant to take medication. I started going to a meditation class and now meditate every morning. It has taken me months to get used to meditating but just 15 mins a day has already made a huge difference to me. I try and get plenty sleep but not too much and think about what I'm eating. I went for therapy for 6 months too You are not alone but hopefully you will find something that helps you 💜

BLUEVET in reply to CazO46

Thank you. Most people told me about meditation, but i have difficulty in concentrating. But i have to try it, but I should try it, together with the therapies.

Agora1 in reply to BLUEVET

BLUEVET, I agree with Caz046 in that meditation can make a huge difference with anxiety. It takes practice in learning how to get lost in the positive thoughts you are

meditating about. I use meditation several times a day. Upon awakening, mid afternoon and before bed. If done properly and daily, it can bring your stress and anxiety levels down. It will reduce the adrenaline, allow you to sleep more deeply and lower the symptoms of anxiety. My daily go to is YouTube where I find I can find short meditations from 1-5 minutes to longer ones, once you can get your mind to concentrate. Medication and therapy may be good support aids but it still takes finding other tools that work for us. One day you may not be in therapy or on medication and you can fall back to Meditation or something else of your choice.

Good Luck with your psychologist appointment next week. :) xx

BLUEVET in reply to Agora1

Than you so much. I will definitely try it.

CazO46 in reply to BLUEVET

I started with just doing one minute at day with a guided mediation, at first I found even that difficult. It takes time and practice but I now think it worth the effort X

Hello Im New here to also Maybe you can tell me how to make my Anxiety go away without drugs I wish I have been having this problem since 1988 and im66 now and no sign of it getting any better keep me post good luck

BLUEVET in reply to babygirl1952

Hey’ my anxiety hasn’t go away, but I’m learning how to control it. I started visiting the psychologist and it help me a lot. Other tip is believe in yourself, and live the moment. My anxiety is because I want to do a lot of things at the same time.

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