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going into bad phase again


I had breakup my gf cheated on me, and it's been 3-4 weeks, idk why today i am remembering her. am again having anxiety, i don't want to be back in phase where i had too much anxiety and depression. what to do? How to fill that void in life, where you used to call someone everyday and it felt good.

many times i think of calling her, but she's damn rude, happy with her current bf.

I always try to be motivated, but idk why it's going wrong. i want someone to talk to..

Am feeling low, what to do?it's hard, i miss that closure.

help me, i don't want to go back in bad phase again, i don't want to cry and have depression.

what to do?

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Wanna pm me?

thank you, i really needed someone to talk to

I am in a similar situation with my ex-wife. I don't know if this is the healthiest thing, but it occurred to me I don't get upset when I am not able to talk to some random person in the store, or wherever...so I just have to look at her as a stranger now. She is not the person I was with; that person is gone. All that remains now is a stranger. Like I said, maybe a therapist wouldn't recommend it, but it gets me past it sometimes.

Redfox9 in reply to Jdavid2000

Yes, same as me, she's not the same person i loved, she's totally different now. I deleted her number and every photo, every means of contact. but idk how i remember her number. how did you cope up with it? don't you miss closure with someone?

Jdavid2000 in reply to Redfox9

Absolutely I do. We were married for 13 years, and 1000 times a day I see something that makes me think "oh, I need to tell her about this" or brings to mind some memory we had. I haven't really found anything to get me past that except each time I do it, I remember I can't any more, and I think about it a little less. So just time I guess? I'm sorry I don't have anything better and that you're feeling this pain :(

Redfox9 in reply to Jdavid2000

noooooo, i have exact same feeling, seeing something and think i need to tell her, or seeing any post on insts or fb, i think i need to yag her in it.

yeah by seeing many things i go into past and start remembering time we were togather. fuckk. this feels aweful.

yes, i think i need to give myself time, to recover from her.

Hey ,

How you feeling now ? If it's been 3-4 weeks ago that your ex gf cheated on you and she has a new bf already , you are probably better of without her anyway.. but that doesn't change the fact that it's hard and upsetting and lonely at times 😩

break ups are never easy whether it was a good relationship or bad 😔 I'm currently going through one now and it hurts! Actually hurts like mad ! I know it's for the best tho but I am struggling too.. I understand what you are feeling! I was ok for the first couple weeks but then my anxiety and depression has hit me sooooo bad ! My husband left 4 weeks tomorrow..

if you ever want to chat message me..

sending you love ❤️

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