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Obsessive thoughts

I keep having these nagging/doubtful thoughts and read into every single thing. It’s driving me crazy and I’m finding it really difficult to trust myself. It’s like my own brain is attacking itself and feeding into this worrier voice in my head. I’m trying to stay positive but I feel myself falling apart and self sabotaging. It’s seriously frustrating and I’m just so tired of it.

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This happens to me from time to time. My brain will fixate on a scary thought until I get to a point where I want to pull my hair out because I think I’m actually going crazy. It’s horrible. I’m so sorry this happens to you.

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Yeah it really sucks :( I’m sorry it happens to you too, it’s a battle for sure

This may sound silly but when this happened to me I try to yell out loud “stop!” It doesn’t always work but often it shifts my brain just enough to get back on top of the negative and push it away. The good news is at least you’re aware that it’s happening, now you can find out how to stop it from happening or at least not let it overtake you. Not an easy task by any means. Stay positive, move forward!

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Thank you Jeff! Yeah definitely trying to be more aware. Need to let go and move forward for sure!

are you in any kind of therapy right now?

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Yeah I just started last month but the therapist I was with isn’t there anymore. She didn’t really address the obsessive thoughts so much tho, trying to get down to root issues (which I totally get and need haha) but I’m starting with someone on Monday and she also does EMDR which I’ve heard is amazing!

Please do not look anything up, looking things up makes it deathly worse, I have what you have but I couldn't look shit up anymore and I obsess over any thoughts I have that are negative. Please stay strong and don't look anything up, if wanna talk to me about anxiety or depression or intrusive thoughts/negative thoughts please get back to me on Messenger me on messenger @Gage Reigart-Troup thanks☺

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