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ANyone know about lithium

I have a finance, who has been feeling depressed, and having high anxiety since last March, his condition has not gotten any better with the medication he is on,(ability) its almost like he is worse.. he say's he can get out of bed to go to work, last week didn't shower, or change his clothes.. I live 100 miles away, and we see each other on weekends.. his parents live 1 mile away, and stop in to bring food and then leave. I feel the weight of his condition on my shoulders- I did call his new Dr. last Fri.. and left a message to return a call to me, she did call my finance this am- he has a appt. with her tomorrow, if he can make it... she said something about lithium --I believe his thinks the meds are the only answer, he won't exercise or anything helpful. He won't even leave his home.. he is afraid people know his condition and can't face it.. I feel so alone, he has 1 brother and sister-in-law who are nurses and 2 aunts who are RN's too... I'm really upset about them not wanting to help... but maybe that's what people do when someone is facing these issues?

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Hello, sound to me like your fiancee is in a BAD clinical depression, and yes he needs help. I took Lithium for over a decade, it is a powerful and dangerous drug, as I am in my 70's my Dr. took me off of it. The reason my psychiatrist put me on this drug was he diagnosed me as Bipolar 11. I have been on a roller coaster ride for the past year and a half. The psychiatrist I am seeing now just put me on Viibryd. It pulled me out and back on a level in just a few days, I am so grateful to feel "normal" again. It does not come in generic and is expensive. There are a lot of med's out there, years ago I went on Prozac, it was great, but I built up a tolerance, same thing with Zoloft. I feel for you as you must be feeling powerless, can you go to a support group, they are generally free, same thing for your fiancee. I know his behavior, as this last one I have been fighting, I live in S.C. and I just laid in my bed and listened to the wind and rain thru hurricane Florence. I lost almost 30 lbs, did not bathe, the anxiety was so bad, I could not read my books, watch T.V. drive, etc., If you think it will help, send your fiancee this email, I would be glad to share with him my sad story. There is help, but we do have to look for it and all the support of family and friends is invaluable. His family probably do not know what to do as they feel at a loss themselves. Depression is a tricky illness, people look at us and we look OK, but they have no clue as to what hell we are going thru. NAMI is a group to seek help from, it is free, and is world wide, I went to our local group for several months. Be good to yourself as you need to be strong so that you can help him. There is some good literature you can read, I have a book it is wonderful:- How to Heal Depression, by Harold H. Bloomfield M.D. as psychiatrist, and Peter McWilliams it is an older book 1996, you could probably get it in the library or thru an on line outlet, well worth the read, mine I have read and read. I hope this is of help to you, talk to us here, we will do what we can to help you. I did well on the lithium and liked the way it took ways the mood swings, I was sorry to come off it, one has to have blood tests every 3 to 6 months as it can affect the thyroid. I did O.K. I am just hoping I stay well for many years, as I have had this battle on and off all my life, I have been suicidal and tried twice, after the last try, suicide became non optional, but the depressions are AWFUL. I hope this is of help to you and your fiancee, I send you both strength, energy and healing thoughts. Sprinkel 1....... with love & hugs. xxoo

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HI Sprinkle1 .. I emailed your reply to him..I do know that he has low thyroid- and takes medication for that... the Dr he just started seeing is aware of it... It just seems like nothing is working as of yet, his new Dr. called this morning and increased his Ability to 15mg per day. I will check if my local lib. has the book you suggested. Thanks for your reply :)


I don't have any first hand knowledge of lithium, but I know it is used for a whole host of medical ailments. There are a whole host of medications out there and what works for one may not be good for another. Keep working with the doctor to get the medication and dosage correct.Sometimes family members are in denial when the problems hit close to home and just kind of ignore things. God bless you for your patience , concern and involvement with trying to help him. Sending you many hugs and prayers.


I was involved in a seven year relationship with someone who was bipolar. It sounds like he and your fiance have some similarities. He stays in his apartment, does not go out unless necessary. He would tell me that women were following him from aisle to aisle at a food market or someone would be looking him up and down. I often wonder if paranoia was part of his illness. A few years ago I ran into his father at a grocery store. His father told me that he was afraid to go out. It maybe the way he misinterpreted why people were looking at him when he was out in public.


Hello I am glad if my mail was of help, your fiancee may need a higher dose of thyroid med. My Dr. does blood tests and adjusts it as necessary. I hope your finance has a good caring and knowledgeable doctor, if not see if he would be willing to go to a therapist, and or a psychiatrist. I am not a doctor person generally but I am a fan of good therapy, (especially group) a good Doctor and good Psychiatrist, I have mental illness and I need help. It is nothing to be ashamed of, I look at it as an illness, just as I would if I was diabetic, or had heart problems. If you fiance would like to talk to me, send him this email, I could trade emails with him, or even give him my phone #.

I applaud you for not deserting him in his hour (hours) of need, you sound like a strong person he is lucky to have you. I send you love and strength. Sprinkle 1...... xxx with


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