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So my aunt has been doing research on anxiety in an attempt to help me live a normal life whilst not being able to afford counseling and such because I have no insurance. Recently her research has brought her to fibromyalgia. I'm familiar with the physical aspects of this illness as my mother and grandmother both suffer from it. Well now just my mother as my grandmother has passed. Anyway I am unsure if anxiety and depression could be caused by it. Has anyone else heard of a link between them?

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Anxiety and depression can be caused by any physical ailment and this is well known by the medical profession. However you can't diagnose yourself so you do really need to see a doctor. x

Mdrobinson991, years ago I was diagnosed with Anxiety and it wasn't too long after that with Fibromyalgia. They aren't interconnected but you may be prone more to Fibro because of the chronic stress on the muscles as well as disrupted sleep patter I did research on 200 patients who all developed Fibro after a physical or emotional event that caused them to go into intense fear and anxiety Another syndrome that was a part of this disorder was Mitral Valve Prolapse. I had 3 teaching hospitals put on a community program which involved a Cardiologist, a Rheumatologist and a Psychiatrist.

Just because you have one issue doesn't mean you will have another but you can be more prone to each of them. Only your doctor can diagnose for you. Never google and never assume you have something that hasn't been addressed by a professional.

I happen to have all 3 and am doing okay now that I have the answers I wanted.

And one last thing, genetics can play a part in MVP, Fibro and Anxiety. xx

I'm sorry to hear that you are having these issues. Pain, anxiety, and depression seem to go together in a lot of cases. It is hard to know which one comes first. I have chronic pain, and it feeds into my anxiety and depression. I find what helps me is to get busy doing something that I enjoy. If I have to concentrate on something, it takes my mind off the pain.

Hi, yes unfortunately these conditions do tend to go hand in hand, also fibromyalgia is hereditary. I have anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia and ADHD but apart from that I'm a picture of health LOL. From what I've read all of these conditions involve a serotonin imbalance and I have found that the medications I've tried which help to improve serotonin levels have eased my symptoms. But that's just me and my diagnoses, only a healthcare professional can give you proper advice that applies to you. I hope you find some answers soon so you can take steps to improve your quality of life x

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