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What is last resort meds


I have been dx with ADD @PTSD @ Depression here is my question is anyone else seem to have bad reactions to medication. If a side effect is for example is sleepy I be wide awake I have tried every anti depressant there is and basically given up hope. I was going to get ECT but dr said no once I got into hospital bc of length of depression. I now dont want to leave my house at all. This is affecting my 26 years of marriage and everything. I would even say I am thinking of ending it all but have not got there yet. I know that feeling of thinking it's all going to be over with soon and that's s very dark scary place to be by it feels good.

Anyone else found something that helped like I said be in therapy see shrink same one for over 10 years and I honestly can say I have never been or felt happiness.

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I do not understand why your doctor would say no to ECT based on how long you’ve had depression. I would recommend getting a second opinion. It can be really helpful for people with drug resistant depression. Perhaps it’s time for a new doctor?

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I was told that it basically only works if you been depressed less than a year. Once you start ECT it puts you back to a state of when you was not depressed . I was so disappointed and even more down then ever. I thought this was going to give me a light at the end of the tunnel feeling but now I feel hopeless.

Sad thing and I don't want to come cocky but I am to smart for my own good. I worked as a RN for years for psyc units and know what to say to not be put in against my will.

I honestly am sick of it all no one really cares and if they die it's on their 12hr shift where burn out is so high. Guess I am venting too

TheEraOfSarah in reply to Cf1165

I’ve had depression for years and I did ECT. I think you should talk to another doctor about it. It could really help you and I’ve never heard that you can only have been depressed for a little while. I definitely had been depressed for more than a year. Probably more than 10 years.

I agree. Get a second opinion. I have had severe depression for over a year and I have gotten ECT. It helps a lot. I relapsed though. I have an appointment to get a ketamine infusion tomorrow. I am going to try 6 treatments of that. Do some research on that, maybe you want to give it a try. I will let you know if it works for me.

Stay positive and know that there is a cure out there.

Could you let me know how the ketamine treatment works for you? I’ve read about it and I’ve been curious as to whether it might be an option for me instead of ECT if I need help in the future.

Yes I will.

TMS didn't work for me

Other option to ECT is TMS as well

Hello, I just did my first post on here today. Also, I just did a search on here to see what individuals might be even somewhat close to me area wise. You appear to be only about 60+ miles from my zip code. I hope I'm not "over stepping my bounds" here. I realize we have to be careful on here regarding our Safety & Privacy. I know I'm a "stranger" to you, and I don't know how we would go about it, but I would love to actually be able to talk with you. Perhaps the System Administrator could help us with that?? I have been having major sensitivities/reactions to medications to the point I'm on nothing now. I have been desperately searching to find someone having the same issues with medications. My system actually experienced a Toxic Syndrome, which I since learned, could have even put me into seizures, after I had a 105 degree temp. For Ex: Rather than "calm" me, medications have been making me extremely hyper, and other medications having the opposite reaction. I'm so sorry you have been dealing with this! Please be very careful. :) :)

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