Dont know what to do any more

I have suffered from anxiety and depression almost all my life. Over the years it and my anger has ruined friendships, work and relationships with my children. Recently a man im in love with, he just got tired if nmy angry outbursts,and negative thinking. I started seeing a therapist, but im wonderingif i should be on meds. Its better since he moved out, guess cause i have no one to be to. But i want it to stop, im tired of loosing people i love.

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  • You should perhaps consider discussing possible medication treatment at your next therapy session or book in to chat with your gp about it,there's no harm in asking them for their expert advice, many find prescription meds useful as a tool in their recovery process, hang in there :-) xxx

  • Im looking into that, thank you

  • Hi,Meds might be a good idea. Your anger could be coming from depression and anxiety. I have been on meds for years and I recently added a new one. I had been very depressed and I am praying it's getting better. Therapy will help you.

  • I highly recommend you get counseling. You may need meds and you probably need to rule out any physical abnormalities or deficiencies with a good checkup. So see your GP and get a mental health check up but seriously consider a good counselor too. You have an anger habit you need to take a long hard look at and I'm sure there's some guilt attached to that and who knows what else is contributing? Maybe you aren't comfortable when someone gets too close or maybe you vent when someone seems safe to vent upon? You need the chance to look into these things and heal where you need healing so you can have good healthy relationships. If you count on meds to do this for you I think you'll be disappointed.

  • BonnleSue are so RlGHT lt ls most always 2 fold and "If you count on meds to do this for you I think you'll be disappointed." ls profound and slmply so true!!

  • I do have a therapist, very good one. Hadn't seen her in a couple of weeks. Saw her today and im gonna go back on some meds as well. This time of year always seems harder. I want to thank you all for your ideas,comments and support. I really needed it.

  • The same things happen to me I chased away a few friends I had so more isolated now and don't know where to find new ones!

  • ..thls ls a great place to learn about what lt takes to be a good friend..the people here are incredibly you have friends while you heal and learn and new ones in everyday life will come naturally..

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