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Depressed, irritable, isolated, bored out of my freakin mind. Did I say depressed?


I’ve struggled with depression my entire life. I’m late middle age now and I have found myself rarely leaving my house. I have no friends here locally. No family. I’m going out of my mind with boredom and the complete isolation. Hoping to connect with likeminded people and work together to get out of our respective ruts.

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I understand. It sucks being alone all the time. Depression can take over and makes everything worse. Have you checked out meet up groups in your area?

Hi ABeth I do look at those groups from time to time. One week I rsvp to three and put them on my seemed overwhelming as the dates neared...everything about it. Clothes, driving, small talk with a group of strangers, cancelled them all. You’ve got to feel up enough to willing to be Smily and positive, the kind of person people want to hang out with. I’m just not there yet. One of my goals. I have thought of visiting a spiritual gathering of some kind. Not Christian. I used to go to a mega church that talked about all the major religions with the focus on their similarities..with a dash of woo-woo. it was called New Thought Church. They Are no longer here, but there were a bunch of splint off groups that I think are still around. Something like that seems more doable...I loved that church. Thanks for the suggestion! I really appreciate it. There may be meetup groups with a similar focus or other activities that I enjoyed at one time. I’m just not up to meet and gab over coffee, know what I mean!

I totally get it. I’ve done same thing-sign up and no show. The depression gets in my way.

We r here for U. I am isolated also.

Thank you. It’s good to know there are people out there that understand.

I also understand your struggle! Try not to isolate yourself, easier said than done I know

It has become such a challenge for me I sometimes wonder if I’m Developing agoraphobia and that is a little unnerving.

I had a few panic attacks and never really dealt with it . So my solution, to keep myself safe from them was to not leave my comfort zone. It works until you HAVE to leave your house for appointments, groceries, errands. And then its almost impossible to do. I wouldn't be able to without meds, and its still stressful... The worst though is not being able to do activities with your children 😔 and family/friends. Mine try to understand but are still very disappointed. I would get some help for it before it gets worse and harder to correct.

I understand....and one thing that helps me sometimes when I get too caught up in my own stuff is to get out of my own way and reach out.... it gets me out of being too self revolved around negative thinking and about being in my own head all the time. One way to do that is to write and interact with my friends and members here who are sharing and looking to interact with others. When I share with someone that I understand what they are going through....then they know they are not alone....and if you help another because of that.... it's a positive thing... and one less negative in your life.

Yes! That is so encouraging. Ive been told often in the past that Ive got some mad skills working with others on their issues. I’m just so damn isolated I don’t run across others seeking an ear or a shoulder or feedback these days. Hoping I find that here.

you will find people here .... it's a great place to share.

Thank you! That’s encouraging!

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Thanks! Yep I just stumbled onto this site and signed right up!

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Loneliness triggers my panic attacks. Isolation is very damaging.

I'm very much like you! I am nearly 40, I have no friends or family where I live, and I work remotely so I see an actual adult human being only when I go out for food or groceries. Do you want to talk? I will send my phone number.

I am so sorry for what you are going through. I want to thank you for your post. It made me realize I was wrong. I joined this group because I was fed up with my husband using me. After reading your post I realized. He's not using me He is depressed and lonely. He doesn't work, has no friends, only leaves the house to run errands. How could I have been so blind. Thank you for sharing you may have contributed to saving my marriage.

I totally get it and am in the same spot you are. The depression and anxiety are awful. I also have been isolating myself. I have a husband and a daughter on the autism spectrum. So I have to be here for them but this past weekend was so bad. I could not get out of bed and stop crying. My daughter thought I had the flu thank goodness. My husband knows it is my depression but he is not very supportive. He has the "just snap out of it attitude" and very little kindness and empathy. I am going to try to go to a free depression group this week because I need to get out of the house and be with people going through the same thing. I do not have a lot of friends an family here for support. I have one good friend who gets it, but I can't drain her as she has a lot going on too. We are both autism parents. Hang in there, try to find a support group if you can. Sending you a hug.

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