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How do I get the help I need without parental consent

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My psychiatrist recently diagnosed me with Social Anxiety and PTSD. But my mother refused to believe it and refuses to get me the help I desperately need, like proper medication like my psychiatrist says. I told her but she said she couldn't do anything without my mother's consent because I'm still a minor. What can I do to get help?

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Hi PorcelainRag, how is it that you were able to see the psychiatrist? Did you mother know about that appointment? Your mother needs to be a part of a family consult with the doctor so he can enlighten her about your mental issues. After all, if these were physical ailments, she would be a part of your health care. You may have to have the psychiatrist, a relative or close friend talk with you mother about the importance in getting help for your mental health issues. Good Luck dear xx

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Hello Agora, my mother is the only family that I have in the states. And her friends from church are no help. My mother knew about the appointment because she's the one made the appointment but for a different reason. She assumed that I had ADHD and wanted to console in help. She's not from the states and doesn't know a lot about mental health, all she knows is schizophrenia and depression. I can't speak so much Spanish to try and explain to her but she's too stubborn to listen, anyways. She stopped making appointments too. What can I do?

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Don't lose hope. Someone will have to speak Spanish to her in order to explain the complexity of mental health disorders. A school social worker or nurse may be able to advise you.

We have a great group of men and women on this site who will also contribute their knowledge and experience in getting help for the underage minor.

If need be, post another message to the group until you get more responses and the help you need. I'm concerned about your PTSD which does need to be addressed by your doctor. xx

How old are you please? This will affect any advice we can give you. x

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Can you call and explain this situation with your psychiatrist? They might have experienced this before and could maybe help.

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