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New and looking for writing advice!



I am new to this discussion board, but have been on boards for depression and anxiety in the past. I currently work as an elementary school teacher, but had to quit at the beginning of the year due to environmental factors, and my mental health. I am in the process of weaning off a new medication, and beginning a new one to hopefully help my panic disorder and depression. I have lived with this condition for most of my life and attend therapy as well. I have realized that I no longer want this to rule my life, as most people, but it is definitely easier said than done. I found an outlet and that outlet is writing. I want to write a children's book for some students I have in mind who also suffer from these dreadful diseases. Does anyone have a similar story, or on a similar path? Or feel like you have experienced anxiety as a child, and maybe what you did that was helpful to you or helped you cope?I have never written anything in my life before, but am definitely wanting too, and I believe this organization is something to be included as well! Thank you for any help or input, and also, know that I understand how you all feel and find it wonderful we can have such a community.

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Hi. I’m also an animal lover. I’m crippled by terrible anxiety and feel I have nowhere to turn.

Sometimes it feels like there is no where else to go or nothing else to try, but I have found that I have to keep pushing myself to keep trying. I have attended therapy for almost 13 years, and found that after 10, I needed a new therapist. So I pushed myself to find one that specialized in panic disorder. I recommend looking into therapy if you have not tried that option, and looking for a therapist who specializes in anxiety! I used to exercise a lot, but have fallen off that wagon. That is still something I can't push myself to do, but know it will be good for me. Another thing I found, that since I love animals and children, I wanted to find something to mabe volunteer at. There is an equestrian therapy center for disabled children / adults in my town, and just started my first volunteer session this week. I loved it! It gives me something to keep my mind off of my anxiety, even if it is just for an hour. Plus being around horses and kids, also helps me! So maybe you could try looking into those things? It will get better for us! I know it will.

Welcome to the world of writing! Finding solace in writing can not only be a very expedient route to recovery; it can also help you communicate necessary and fundamental moral beliefs, that our society is quickly dispensing for radical identity politics, to children. I think that writing children's literature, in particular, is a very stoic idea. Personally, I write poetry and short prose. I attest to its effectiveness as a coping mechanism. Check out Emily Dickinson's poetry if you are speculative of its ability to help you transcend as a coping mechanism, because it can become much more than that if you are a particularly good writer. You'd also be surprised how profound children's literature be, and I commend you for electing that as a coping mechanism.

Check out this lecture by Jordan B. Peterson, a clinical psychologist, where he elaborates on an apparently silly and lighthearted, but actually profound children's book:

Best wishes!

Thank you for your kind words! I have always loved writing, but I would just journal day to day things to try and track and help with my anxiety or finding triggers. Im not sure how good my writing would even be, but I figured it wouldnt hurt to try! I will definitely look into those things, and check out that video! If you think of any other tips, please send them my way!


Hi! I'm new too! Welcome! I am retired now. I love to write, have written a children's book, but never tried publishing. It's omewhat Suessian and without an emphatic message, but certainly meant to boost self esteem. I've quite minimal self esteem, and hardly any self worth, so i only very reluctantly, seldomly, share my writings. Well, some things I do...the ones I know were undoubtedly inspired. I so admire you for your desire to produce this sort of much needed work. Of course your anxiety will rear it's ugly head. keep posting, talking with others who are supportive, and remember, all gifted artists suffer from some form of personal torment. God bless and Godspeed to you. (And thank you 4 being an animal lover!! Me too!)

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Thank you so much for your sweet words of encouragement! I definitely will continue to do so. It’s interesting what can inspire and come from writing and sharing personal experiences. Thank you for your tips!


I'm glad you got my post and found it encouraging! Makes me smile, my emoges aren't working!

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