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How could you leave us?


You left so unexpected knowing I needed you . But you just left . I needed you . You’d rather be addicted to pills . Momma told me everything would be alright , everything is okay. Nothing is wrong. The pain you caused will never be healed 100% , I’ll never forgive you mom , why do I feel like I lost something I never had ? I graduated last year and you weren’t there, you were locked up. How could you? Why did you ? Mom. <\3


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I’m so sorry, Kayla. I am here for you. <3

Kayla, your post reminds me of a song my adopted daughter listens to about her birth mom. I’m so sorry you are in pain. A child should not go through that with their parent. The song is Why Did You Leave Us by NF.

Spirit19 in reply to AZ1970

That’s the song that reminds me of what my moms done to me .

AZ1970 in reply to Spirit19

I wondered. I’m so sorry you’ve gone through this!

hi Kayla.... I am so glad your posting....and please girl.... keep on writing.... your doing good honey.... I'm proud of you.... I know it's hard for you to get it out....I got your back girl.

Spirit19 in reply to fauxartist

Oh these hands are tired oh this heart is tired oh this soul is tired ... should I keep on?

fauxartist in reply to Spirit19

yes.... because when we go through hell....and fight our way out of it... there is some good in this life for us.... we deserve to be happy.. we were just kids.


I'm glad you're getting these feelings out. I'm sorry your childhood wasn't what it should have been. Be good to yourself, and do better. :)

Sorry to hear that you are going through this Kayla. I am raising a daughter by myself. We haven't heard from the daughter's mom in two years. Even before then the visits eye were erratic. Drugs are part of the problem but it goes deeper than that. It has to be hard for a woman to grow up without her mom.

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