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Ok so we just had a man and woman head on car collision trauma.

I can't get an answer what they look like.

Dread fills me because I don't know if it's my ex and that girl. They say one has passed.

Doctor says neither I will make it.

I'm calling my family making sure everyone is ok. I'm trying get ahold of my ex.

I can't breathe... I think I am going to pass out. He's not picking up...

Then I get told their characteristics. It's not them.

Relief fills me like a wave...

I was doing so good today. I told myself I would not bother him and then here I go trying to make sure he's alive and well.


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You’ll forget him when you decide to...does he worry about you in the same way? That’s partially why I don’t watch the news! What made you think it was two people you know when it could be anybody and their brother? Just curious...

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My co-workers dad just happened to be involved. He was in the other car of the head on collision.

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Wow! I’m so sorry...

i am so sorry ...what you went thru...must be a shock, but it is not them. Please breathe and take care of yourself, what works for you to get calm now relax!

hugs to you!


Wow! I'm loss for words. Prayers gor the loss lives. I am so glad you made it through the situation emotionally. Maybe it's best to delete the number now that you know he's still living. You passing out should not be an option especially since it's for your ex. I just want you to be safe, breathing and not part of a love triangle. You can do it, girl! Life is to short to stand by watching others live life. Afterall, you still have breath in you so go and smell the flowers that God placed there for you to walk among! HUGS!

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