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What do you do when you tell your supervisor about your depression and he doesn't care?

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I told my supervisor about my anxiety and depression and he didn't care. He even turned my co-workers against me. They probably think that I am crazy! I currently hate all of my co-workers because of this.

16 Replies
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Hi Liz830, it's a chance we take when trying to be honest and up front with our supervisor/boss. Unless they have experience with anxiety/depression themselves along the way, they are just not going to understand how debilitating it can be. I'm sorry this happened and that he turned your co-workers against you. That's a rough situation to be in. I don't really have any advice, the decision needs to be yours as in how to handle this.

Is leaving an option? Good Luck Liz. xx

That’s the story, my friend! Others just don’t understand or care. I find that with family too. Acceptance of this knowledge is so helpful. We have to push forward regardless. Wishing you the best 🌷🙂🌷

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Its usually best to keep "mental" illness private from employers for the very reason you speak. Unfortunately, now they may start documenting every flaw you make at your job.

Hi Liz,

This is a tough situation and my heart goes out to you. Your supervisor failed miserably because you have the right to privacy. What you are experiencing makes things worse.

As you know the decision to divulge information concerning mental health issues is a choice and it can be risky. I'm wondering if you told your supervisor because you need special accommodations due to attendance or concentration issues? Maybe you need to move to a quieter area. Sometimes people just want to give the employer a heads up.

Do you have an HR Dept? If so, they can help you with accommodations.

If you are experiencing bullying or harassment, document date, time, names, and brief summary of the incident.

Is FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) an option at your workplace? It could provide time off for up to 12 weeks of leave each year.

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Hi Liz,

It might help us to give advise if we have more information. How did he turn your co-workers against you? What have they done as a result that's caused your relationship with your co workers to become to bad? Is there an HR department you can talk to at your job? Do you see a therapist? If you bring this up with your therapist they may be able to point you in the right direction in terms of legal recourse if this is a discrimination issue based on what you told your employer.

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I am truly sorry that this happened to you. Have you thought about speaking someone with the HR department of your job? They can possibly help or even investigate the situation. Also, have you thought about talking to a trusted professional? They can possibly help you with managing your depression. I am praying that things get better for you soon. Take care.

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hi this is what happened to me recently in terms of my boss ignoring me although my workmates where ok with it although not very supportive either.my dad died on easter sunday and due to complications it was over three weeks before he was buried I could have stayed off work longer but decided to go back sooner than I should have.i ended up having a mental breakdown I emailed the boss and txt him and he completely blanked me and that made me worse.because I used up all my sick days after my dad died I was left to rot in a warehouse sometimes on my own.dont be scared to tell anyone of your feelings stand up for yourself and if they don't listen make a complaint if you can.

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Leave the work place ASAP or you will end up with more mental health problems like me. That’s how I developed my anxiety disorders because my co workers and boss abused me mentally. I didnt leave and now I’m depressed with all sorts of mental health problems. Leave and save your mental health.

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kenster1 in reply to Benny3221

that's what I wanted to do but I was scared to financially have nothing if I quit as the dss in the uk wont help you if you quit a job.not unless you claim sickness benefit.

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Benny3221 in reply to kenster1

Yea that would suck cause no money equals no food and no shelter....hmmm. Would you mind working other jobs where people arent rude to you? Please your mental health is very important. Is there any family who'll let you stay while you try to get up on your feet. I don't want you to go through what I went through because im severely traumatized from the onslaught of mistreatment by my boss and co workers.

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midnightcanine in reply to kenster1

Hi kenster1. I have just read your post about work from a few months ago but can't see any updates. Have things changed at all? I hope you have managed to find a solution.

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kenster1 in reply to midnightcanine

hi im now unemployed my contract was only 1 year it ended in September 18.

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midnightcanine in reply to kenster1

That is pants. I was looking for updates on your work situation and noticed how much support you give - keep up the great work :)

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Organizations want employees that don’t have issues, that means that don’t want anyone who is sick weather it’s emotionally or physically. It’s always best to keep illness to ourselves, it’s unfortunate but it’s the way of the world. In your case you let the cat out of the bag, if anyone has an issue with you, that’s there issue. There is no taking this back so just keep on moving.

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I have learned the hard way not to divulge too much to people that do not get it. The workplace especially. I am so sorry this happened and that your boss is not understanding. Breath and take it one day at a time. Depression is so hard to deal with even harder when people do not get it. This is the place to reach out with others who know what you are going through. Sending you a hug.

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Liz830 in reply to butterfly2121

Thanks for the hug. It is appreciated.

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