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School is going okay. I haven't hung out with the girls from high school since the party. So lunch is kind of lonely, but nothing I'm not accustomed to I guess. I've been meeting a couple people here and there, nothing serious, just someone to talk to for the event that is happening. I did meet this one girl and we exchanged numbers and she seems really cool and lives in my dorm. Classes are also going well, I think I'm starting to socialize more. I talk to the people sitting around me, which I never do. This may not seem like a big deal or a difficult thing, but it is to me. I still don't have anything to do outside of school (besides clubs and meetings). I don't hang out with my suitemates, simply because I'm so shy and they're so loud and outgoing. I don't think I'd fit in. It does make me feel weird that they, including my roommate, go out sometimes and I'm not invited. Not that it's their fault I guess, just that I wish I was more sociable. Nearly every research position I've applied to has rejected me, but one I interviewed for is finishing interviews this month so hopefully I'll hear something from them. I just feel so... lame. I think that's a word for it. But it's been like this my whole life, so why should I even complain or change anything.

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I hear lots of good stuff Wowzerzzz....your talking to people around you in class, your doing great....and I had suite mates was party central and frankly not conducive to doing school don't have to be friends with them....just keep doing what your doing and things will be good....your doing great and for that you should really be proud of yourself. Your there for school and it's okay to be into your work, and what socializing your doing now can lead to some nice casual friendships that are with people your speed and that like the things you like.

I can relate. When I was in college, I didn’t live the stereotypical college lifestyle. I didn’t party and go out all the time and for a while I felt lame too. It took me a little bit to realize that I didn’t enjoy loud parties and large crowds of people. I just enjoyed hanging out with my handful of friends and grabbing a bite to eat every now and again. As long as you are happy with your social life, then it’s fine. Although I would recommend taking some chances every once in a while. Trying something new can be really fun and lead to great memories.

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