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Anxiety and physical pain

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So I posted before about having muscle spasms but I also wanted to add some other symptoms I’ve had because I’m wondering if others have had a similar experience. About a month or two ago I started waking up in the middle of the night with horrible panic attacks and I wouldn’t know where I was or remember anything. I was shaking and felt like I was actually dying. After this I was afraid to fall asleep. Since then I went on Paxil for a week then stopped when I had brain fog. I feel like I am mentally less stressed but my body is in constant pain and feels like it’s almost vibrating. I’m only 23 and I have join pain in my hands and feet and burning sensations in my hands. I also feel like my left hand feels weak. I’m trying to stop googling symptoms because it just makes everything worse but I’m hoping someone out there knows how I feel and can put my mind at ease. I worry so much about possible diseases I could have and it’s making me not feel like myself anymore.

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I hope you feel better as quick as possible Tessa888 🙏🏼

Have you seen a doctor recently and told him or her about all of your symptoms?

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Tessa888 in reply to jkl5500

I did see a doctor but they only tested for a few things like vitamin d, Lyme, and thyroid issues and said I was fine. But my symptoms have gotten worse so I’m hoping to get another appointment soon.

Tessa, Muscle spasms caught my eye. Would those spasms be mostly in your legs? That coupled with the anxiety makes me think of something i recently faced.

I had muscle spasms in my legs that gradually increased in severity until I almost couldn't stand it. The muscles in my feet would seize, and both feet would involuntarily turn inward. It happened mostly at night, though toward the end, it would happen while sitting. I felt so much anxiety, I wanted to pace and wring my hands. I had body tremors, weakness, burning sensations in my feet, nausea. I heard that magnesium deficiency is common, because the top soil has been depleted. I had many of the symptoms.

I decided to try ionic magnesium chloride. Within the week, my symptoms became much less severe. I will continue to take the magnesium.

I couldn't say that you have the same problem, but magnesium is what worked for me.

Good luck.

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Tessa888 in reply to Krazie

I tried magnesium pills my therapist gave me but they seemed to worsen my anxiety and I got a pretty bad bloody nose after taking it...I’m not sure if that was the cause but it did scare me. I think I will look for a lower dose of magnesium. Thank you for the advice!

I really hope that you see a doctor soon, and let him or her diagnose you. I think it's a bad idea to look up symptoms on the Internet. Some others on this site have done that, and they got all freaked out, probably for nothing. Anxiety can cause all kinds of symptoms. Then you get anxious about the symptoms, and it all starts to snowball. Please calm yourself down and make an appointment soon. Let the doctor handle it.


I’ve never had symptoms of waking up to panic attacks but I do have constant pain for medical issues.

I would go to your doctor to find out if there is a medical reason for the other symptoms. Also when taking medication such as Paxil etc it is my understanding that it takes more than a week to really start working for you. Also, you don’t want to just stop taking medication. You need to speak with your doctor.

When you wake up like that, I’m sure it’s very scary. Sometimes if you don’t get enough oxygen in your body your hands and feet can start tingling.

I’d try relaxation exercises, good air in through your nose and bad air out through your mouth.

Yeah, I wouldn’t google symptoms. My sister went on YouTube to view a colonoscopy and she became really anxious.

I would try to meditate and take deep breaths.

Wishing you happy and calming thoughts. 🌸🌸🌸🌸

Jk and Dee_bells are right in what they say. Actually, a doctor could test your magnesium levels. That would be better than trial and error.

i am surprised that magnesium caused the symptoms you described. It is a water soluble mineral that is important for good body functions. Because it is water soluble, it doesn't build up in the body, rather it is excreted through body waste.

I wake up with pinching in my chest sometimes. Sometimes I wonder if this is it. I’ve even called the 24 hour nurses line because I think I’m dying. I start getting shaky, I can’t focus and no matter how hard I try to breathe, it makes it worse. I am not on Ativan and it helps but sometimes I’m like these are similar symptoms as a heart attack, I google my symptoms and I know that’s bad but I can’t help it sometimes. I’ve been to the ER 3 times in a week but they all just tell me it’s anxiety 😭 it’s real physical pain but I’m not sure how to rid myself of it

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Tessa888 in reply to Addds

Well you’re not alone first of all. I’ve wanted to go to the ER for my symptoms but I know I can’t afford it. So what I do to calm down is make sure I have a fan on me since I usually feel really hot during times of panic and then I listen to “rain sounds” on YouTube and I practice deep breathing. It usually helps calm down my panic attack symptoms like you described.

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Addds in reply to Tessa888

I’ll have to try that! I’ve heard yoga helps too. I used to get anxiety when I was younger but I just felt like I couldn’t breathe. That was 7 years ago, without having an attack. And this time I feel like it came back a thousand times worse! I seem to get anxiety when it’s hot. Or maybe it’s a mixture of both. I get hot and associate that to when I have panic attacks and end up having one. It’s rough. It’s getting hard to enjoy my kids when I’m just constantly thinking something bad is going to happen to me in front of them ☹️ thanks for the advice! I will have to try!

I have been to the ER for chest pain. I thought I was having a heart attack. I've worked in the Cardio Dept at a hospital and I know enough information that could be dangerous. LOL But I went in with shortness of breath, chest pain etc and my mother had a history of heart problems. I was in the ER for 16 hours and I had an Echocardigram. My heart is fine and I had an anxiety attack. I also have severe heartburn so when I get the chest pain, I take the med for my heartburn and 1 aspirin. I also have two fans and always have bottled water with me.

Hi you should go to a neurologist to rule out any neurologic disorders. Also You should never stop taken any medication without talking to your doctor first.Something that might help with your panic attacks is a meditation website called quietkit.Another thing is doing some breathing excercises.First you take a deep breath through your nose,hold it for 4 seconds than slowly breathe out through your it as many times as you like.

With my anxiety my symptoms are very REAL. I have chest pain, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, constant worrie and fear, left arm pain...... the list goes on. I have been checked over 100 times with no results. Anxiety plays a huge roll in my life and keeps me from enjoying the things that really matter. You are not alone. But definitely should consider an every day anxiety medication. Like buspar. It is a non narcotic and can be take several times per day.

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