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dealing with my wifes emotional affair

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I have been dealing with my wifes emotional affair for some time, the other person is her ex husband. When I told her that i didn't like the amount of communication between them she said that it was all about her sons. I proved this to be a lie and confronted her about it. at this point she has now been using her work phone to communicate with him because I can not tell how much they chat, talk or send pictures to each other. I have done just about everything to snoop on them and have been found out the only thing I haven't done is text her ex and tell him to back off or I will let his wife know whatis going on. She has not once said she was sorry and that she realizes that her actions caused me to do what I did, all she said is that I stifel her and invade her privacy. I cant sleep, am depressed and at my lowest point. I am at the point that I wish I was dead but I would not hurt myself. Does anyone have some suggestions?

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Hi Jim, I am Kayla. I don’t know if this is your first post or not, but I haven’t ever seen you write before so, welcome to the community. <3 I am only 26 years old & haven’t ever been married, so I feel like I can’t suggest anything helpful besides maybe ending the relationship? I know, easier said than done, right? I am here for you as a friend & I wish you all the best with this. I know what it feels like to not want to be alive, & I don’t want you feeling that way. We are all here to listen to you vent & we care about you. We wanna see you get through this difficult time. <3

I am ashamed to admit I am a wife who had an emotional affair with a friends husband. My husband was neglecting me and his wife was neglecting him. I pushed my husband away, divorced and now I’m alone regretting my decisions. An emotional affair like that is not based in reality. It’s a relationship that only has the good parts and none of the work. It’s false. An illusion. Those never work out because eventually that bubble bursts. And she may not remember why he’s her ex but if she continues down this path she absolutely will. I would suggest counseling. And let the therapist tell her what she’s doing is wrong. Sometimes it takes another person telling them something for someone to listen. Hope she wakes up and realizes what she’s got. It sounds like you want to work on it and love her.

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