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Do you believe in it... I love someone and I know they say that they love me, but I just can’t help but feel like he will leave me. He states he won’t .. but actions and facials prove the opposite. I feel like he looks at me with deep dissatisfaction, maybe because he doesn’t love me exactly as much as he thought he was going to when we got back together again... maybe I’m in my head. Maybe it’s intuition.

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Subtle cues often tell the story. Words come from the mind. The heart tells no lies.

Sometimes we expect the worst so we can brace ourselves from pain. You can’t predict or control the future. Please don’t settle for someone who you don’t believe is right for you. Perhaps you aren’t doing that, but sometimes it happens. Enjoy the moment. Listen to your gut. Do what’s best for you.

The heart doesn’t lie, take care xxx


Insecurities in relationships can often times cause self-fufilling prophecies.

I've learned to trust my gut. The times I tell myself I'm just being insecure, I always prove myself wrong.

Hi there. In all courteousness, we do believe in intuition, but it can be difficult to access when one is depressed, anxious, etc., truly. Why not tell your boyfriend your fears straight to his face in person? You can make a definitive decision from there. We wish you the best with this. May the lightness follow you! Thx! :D

Heart doesn’t lie, go with your gut xxxx

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