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Any advice please


Hello. My daughter is almost 18 and has been treated for anxiety and depression for 20 months. She has also got a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome.

I’m really struggling to cope. Each day there is another hurdle to jump over and she self harms and has thought about suicide.

She is very reliant on me and has separation anxiety when I am not with her.

She is receiving help from the mental health services but is reluctant to open up to them fully.

My husband is totally useless and is of no support to me or my daughter.

I love her dearly but I am not sure how much more I can take.

Thank you for reading.

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Has she tried any medication treatment? I had really bad depression and cetilipram got me out of it successfully, I was in sinking sand and would never have gotten out without some medication.

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Yes she has been on medication for 18 months. It been changed and increased.

Has she tried on line therapy Your doctor can refer

Yes, she didn’t continue with it after a few sessions

Has she been assessed at hospital Sorry to ask but my daughter has schysophrenia and was always convincing her gp she was coping I ended up demanding to speak to him when she came home and threw mug of hot tea over my youngest I refused to leave surgery did I saw him

No but she is seen regularly by a psychiatrist

You know you can get support for yourself As her carer the local authority do things like papmer days etc



I have anxiety/depression. Your story reminds me of a student I know that is around the same age with asperbergers. Asperbergers is similar to autism. Which means trapped in one self. This girl I am speaking of uses equine therapy as an outlet. I have known her for years she used to not talk be very shy. Only talk to her mom or her riding instructor. she very attached to both. However her mom says she has built self confidence through riding. Now she will hug me and talk to me. Won't mind if I instruct one of her riding lessons. I think finding your daughter's interests and hobbies and starting her in a good group activity would be beneficial. she might want you to stay the first few times. but probably will get comfortable & form social bonds and connections. This will take the stress off both of you.

hope this helped


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Thank you. Great advice and I will definitely look at things for her.

I’m just frightened that she will hurt herself

Wow DAD thanks for your comments. What an inspiration you are. What a loving father. Forget about the husband, talk him up to your daughter even if you don’t believe it. Stay on the right side of that relationship.

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