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Nothing makes sense anymore


Nothing really makes sense to me anymore, nothing really feels real. I dont feel real, sometimes the people im close to dont feel real either, that or they feel like strangers. Im so scared to lose my mind, im afraid to forget myself and the ones i love. I just want my life back. I just want to feel myself again

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Am Sorry u are feeling this way, I don't know how to function myself

I’ve felt like this myself lately... not really sure I can give advice but hang in there

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Thank you

Nothing can ever feel "real", it is the emotions you feel and experience that make something seem mundane. I cannot give you your life back, you must seize the day and take it back yourself, but do something that you would normally enjoy so that nostalgia can take over and reignite feelings you used to feel. We all feel unreal because this life is so complex, but you are never alone, trust me. I am so sorry you feel this way but I hope you feel better. I have confidence in you that you will have your life back. <3

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Thank you♡

This is exactly how I feel hun, stay strong and message me if you need ....❤️

Thanks Cat♡


Don’t fight change embrace it. Their must be a reason for the old you to be changing. It is part of life.

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Im scared wherethe change will take me

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Everyone is scared when things change. If they tell you they aren’t they are either lying or delusional. Fear of the unknown is a normal human emotion. It only becomes a problem if you don’t learn to cope with it. Change is part of every ones life. I am not the same person I was five years ago. With time comes knowledge and hopefully wisdom.

I not saying it's easy for me. Believe me some day are very hard for me, but It's okay to feel bad, weird, unreal, etc....When we try to fight it, we focus so much energy on how we feel. The bad feelings get stronger. Try to accept feeling unreal and do something objective... When we don't give too much attention to our bad feelings they will leave or lessen. When we focus on trying to figure it all out, "what's wrong with me" . They get stronger. Nothing is wrong with you, you're human. Bless you, I have a special love for people that suffer with their nervous system. I know how hard it is because I suffer, too. We are sensitive loving people. We care and get our feeling hurt too easily....until we build back up some nerve resistance. It can be done.

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Thank you veryyy much♡

You know Lindsey14, I started feeling really bad and nervous, anxious, scared and full of rage about it. I didn't want to feel like this. I got into a panic trying to "not" feel this way. I got so angry with myself. Then I started trying to figure it all out. Where I went wrong, who did this to me, if only I hadn't made that decision, etc....all that was just working myself up to nervous pitch. It was hard for me think about anything, but myself. It was difficult for be to focus outside myself. Then I started "watching" myself. Constantly, trying to get "myself" back. Constantly blaming myself. Then I begin to feel exceptional and crazy. I started thinking other people could see through me. Then I started trying to do and say everything right, so they wouldn't notice I wasn't "right". That is so tiring. I thought I had lost myself forever :)

All that self preoccupation only makes things worse. Don't do that to yourself. It causes a lot of extra suffering. Overcoming that takes time. Whatever you feel. it's okay. Just accept it. It's okay. If you feel scared, mad as hell, unreal, tense, hateful, crazy etc...what of it. Feelings change if we don't focus all our attention on them.

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Thank you very much♡

Hang in the this to shall pass I feel you I feel the same I’m sorry

Hello Lindsey! I'm so sorry you are going through this. Very big hugs to you. This is temporary. You will come out of this stronger, wiser, better than ever. Did you check the resources I gave you in a different post? They are important. I want you to read them (referenced again below). I want you to stop worrying so much about how you feel (it's quite common- did you know that Ariana Grande spent 3 months depersonalized last year? It's true- look it up!), just accept that this is the norm for now, and start reading/listening to the things that will make you feel like yourself again. You are definitely still in there!! There's just a thick blanket of anxious fog that you are under. The best resource for you and anyone going through this is Claire Weekes "Enlightened" video online. She discusses this way you are feeling in depth in the 3rd section of the video (there are 4 sections). It's important to listen to the whole thing, though. You must believe me when I tell you that many, many people go through this- more than recorded in any scientific study, I'm sure. And as soon as they start to put the right framework into practice, the right perspective, they start to slowly but surely feel BETTER. The other thing you can do is get some skype sessions with Swamy G going. He is a licensed life coach with personal experience and a lot of experience helping people through this. I've met him personally and he's phenomenal. You can find his info at I think it's $75 an hour or so. completely worth it. If you can't afford that, not to worry, listen to Claire, read Claire's books, read Paul David's book (At Last a life), read Dr. David Carbonell's website. Also, Hugo Rock's website. All these will support and help you tremendously. Accept, accept, utterly and completely accept that you feel odd for now- it's OK. It's completely normal for the circumstances. You are not alone. Many have gone before you and they are lifting you up and carrying you on your journey to be with them on the other side where you can feel grounded, calm, focused, and very joyful again.

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Thank you very very much♡

Try this: Lie down and think "I like X" Think about X for a while and what you like about it. DO NOT say "but". Me personally, I like the blue sky and clouds. There are other things you like. No matter how trivial it might be to someone else. That's the real you. I did this one afternoon while driving after a boyfriend broke up with me and I felt worthless. After about 20 minutes I felt *good*. And it lasted all the way home (650 miles). Good luck. I hope that helps.

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Thank you very much

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