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Scared to death


Well I started commenting on the depression forum because that topic is more comfortable for me, it's been with me for along time...but this is raw. November 20, 2017 I was driving and starting getting flashes of who I really was at that moment, I mean I felt like I was having an awaking, not nowing who I was or how I got to this place in life, like my whole life had been a delusion. I started remembering a lot of past nightmares and having vivid nightmares/flashbacks where I Could see extreme colors, smell smells and it felt real. I came to realize that I had been dissasoating so much, I was oblivious to reality and my life was really messed up. Since then I have been through a whirlwind of emotion but found honesty to help, that why I'm here. Abuse is taboo and not validated often...

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Have you been diagnosed? What do you mean by "abuse is taboo and validated often"?

I meant,it's not talked about, often a "family secret" and not validated, sorry forgot the not

Ya, I've been diagnosed with PTSD and I've started working in therapy...we'll see

I got ya. I feel like recently, with celebrity suicides, it's starting to get talked about. I've seen some need stories recently where they say the same thing you just said.

Heck, I'm guilty if it. I hid it it until just a few months ago.

I feel the same way. Like I don’t know myself at all anymore. For me it’s been going on for over a year. Getting to know yourself all over again seems so daunting so i just kinda get by

O, wow, I just read your post were u said u can't watch tv anymore cause it's so fake and "celebrity" is so much hype. Exactly how I feel, tv is just a staged, scripted, performance, and I can't even watch

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