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Vitamin D Deficiency?

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So I had my second doctor consult since starting zoloft. Again I stressed to him how fatigued I am. How abnormal it was for me to nap unless ill. Well he really listened this time! He had me start 2000 IU of vitamin D daily and ordered the lab test. Got my results today, I’m below the normal range. Now I’m wondering if the depression and anxiety is a symptom of that. Keeping my fingers crossed that once my Vit D level gets back up, i will be my old self! 🤞🏽

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Thank you for sharing this! My husband’s doctor told him the same thing. Vitamin deficiency can be a real problem and easily fixed. Keep us posted about your results.

Same thing happened to me and my mood improved.

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I’ve noticed a change too since I started the D3, b complex, magnesium and a good multivitamin (mykind organics).

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I went to my doctor because I was waking up with drops of blood on my pillow and dried blood in my nose. They found my liver count was high and my vitamin D was low. I lost weight and am eating better everything is fine now.

Thanks so much for the encouragement. I thought it was the Zoloft making me so tired when I joined this group. I NEVER nap, only when sick with the flu or cold and it’s been bothering me why I’ve been so fatigued. Too fatigued to do things...i blame the fatigue more than the depression. I didn’t even know i was depressed actually, i only went to the doctor months ago because of PMDD (being too emotional). Who would have figured it would be a vitamin deficiency. I’m to take 2000 IU Daily and 10,000 once a week. My research says it will still take months to get to normal levels but I actually got some meals for the week prepped and that more than what I’ve gotten done in one day for a long time! 😳

Update: A few weeks ago, my doctor finally got my blood results and upped the vitamin d to 5,000 IU daily and 50,000 IU once a week. My energy level is SLOWLY increasing. Take a nap maybe once or twice a week but they’re not more than about an hour long. I actually spent the day with my grown children at a festival and even though i was tired when we got home, no nap!!! Yay!

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