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Lack of vitamin d and suffering with depression

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Hi. So I suffer with depression and have been since like october last year. I was refered for a blood test on Friday by my gp and the results came through today. (Reason being im always tired mentally and physically and I asked my gp whether I could have a blood test). Turns out my body is low on vitamin D. Does anyone else suffer with this or having any suggestions how to get vitamin d inside me when it's cold as death outside? I do also take 30mg citalopram evry day. Any suggestions would be amazing thx

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Has your doctor recommended that you need more vitamin D? It might be low but not dangerously low. I would only follow the advice of a doctor.

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Hi. When I spoke with the receptionist she explained to me the results of the blood test and that my vitamin d was low. Now I don't know if she was reading advice from the nurse at the hospital or what but she advised to get some supplements or something. I'm seeing the doctor middle of next week anyway. I just feel sooo tired all the time. I think it's partly the citalopram but there must be something else

Hello, vitamin D3 is a good supplement. It's otc and works. That is what I take. Get the 3000 unit dose. It will take a little time to get your level up. But this is an easy fix!

Hi Guitarfreak357, I take 1000IU of Vit D suppliment daily all year round and I live in Canada. My 13 year old takes it as well. There is also Vit D in milk. I was on Citalopram for many years but recently had to come off of it as it interfered with a new med that was prescribed for control of neuropathy and fibromyalgia. I did have good effect from the citalopram. Kind Regards.



You asked about vitamin D. Any Milk product is the easiest way and the sun is always good. I have depression and PTSD and I try anything that even if it’s a possibility that it might help.

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