Sorry for posting again about the same thing. But I'm convinced my heart is bad but the doctors keep telling me it's healthy. I'm a 23 year old male btw. 6'3 170. Don't have hbp or diabetes or anything. But I constantly get chest pain and arm, back, jaw pain. I've had pretty much every test done for my heart and they say everything is fine. I just feel that I'm going to have a heart attack every single day.

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  • I use to feel like that at your age. That's when my panic disorder started. So many doctors and so many different test. I always thought something was wrong with my heart. Sometimes I still get worried when I have a pain in my arm or chest. I'm 44 now and have never had any heart problems. Aniexty can make you feel like that. Getting on the right meds helped me tremendously. I hope this helps, knowing that it does happen to other people.

  • Thanks for replying. I've seen three different cardiologists and been to the er three times as well. So got a lot of tests done. I just think they missed it. And I read about healthy 20 year olds having heart attacks so that worries me too. They gave me Zoloft but that make everything 100 times worse. So I stopped taking that and haven't been prescribed anything else

  • I myself had ER visits too. I totally understand what you're going thru. When this first started happening I went thru lots of different meds. Prozac is what works for me. The hard part about finding the right Med or dosage is that it takes awhile to figure what's going to work for you. It was a difficult time for me and I worried about my health so much. On one particular trip to the ER I actually thought I was going to die before I made it there. I seriously doubt that your Doctors have missed anything. And you can continue to see new Doctors but they will probably not find anything wrong with you. You should find someone who will help you find the right meds. I can't stess how much this can help you. The worry is part of anxiety. The compulsive thoughts are part of anxiety. It's your anxiety that's making you sick, not your heart. I wish well and I hope you can get the help you need soon. Please remember just because one med didn't work there are many more out there.

  • You may be experiencing panic/anxiety attacks which can take on similar symptoms as a heart attack. It can be VERY scary!!! It is good that you had your heart thoroughly examined and heart problems were ruled out. Look into panic attacks and see if you recognize similar symptoms. Good Luck!!

  • It just seems weird because I've had one or two panic attacks. But every other day it's like all day of back pain and arm pain and stuff like that. It's weird

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