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Don't know what to do


i have been diagnosed with i manic depression and with a personality disorder. sucks because im only 14. i have been majorly depressed and suicidal today and having my granny constantly ask if im okay really annoys me and makes it worse but i dont know what to do and every now and then she talks about how my recent attempt made her feel and everything it did to her which also makes it worse

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You should feel happy that there's someone who wants you alive and well. Why don't you politely tell your granny that her constant attention is annoying and that you need a little time to open up to her. Talking to someone about your issue might really help. Promise her that you won't attempt and try to get help. You will feel better once you open up and talk about all the issues that you have. It needs to be sorted out as soon as possible.

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What most likely happened is that 14 is too young to be on this forum and you were taken off. (But it should have come with an explanation, I am sorry about that.) The minimum age is 16 and for a reason. We need to keep you safe. My concerns for you are great.

Is there anyone else besides your granny that you can confide in. This isn't anything you can handle on your own. You need professional help in what you are struggling with. Your granny loves you and that's why she is so overly concerned. Although this may be too much for her to handle. You should be under the care of the doctors that diagnosed you with manic depression and personality disorder. Are you seeing a therapist regularly?? You need to be kept safe from harm. We care on this forum. xx

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