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I literally dont know what to do

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Im 21 years old i have been having extreme anxiety since 2017 its at the point where i cant take it anymore i got the hospital atleast 3 times a week for my heart and everytime i get there its nothing wrong but when im home it feels so real its feels like im gonna have a heart attack and the thing that makes my anxiety worse is that having a heart attack and anxiety feels the same so how do i know if its just anxiety im done bro i cant get my old life back i have random chest pains , twitches or anything but ive had over 10 ekgs and everyone comes back normal and its ruining my life im scared if something happens serious ill think its my anxiety and ill die idk what to do

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Is there anything that does help? Also, maybe therapy might help. Have you ruled out a hormone imbalance? That's all I can think of atm. Hope you get feeling better soon.

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Whats a hormone imbalance?

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Like hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

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iodine from kelp helps it a little.

I'm sorry you're feeling like this. CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) might be helpful. I get anxiety sometimes, especially at night and lately have been watching ASMR videos on YouTube to help me calm down when I need it and fall asleep. It seems a bit odd at first but after watching for a bit it really helps to take your mind off things and quiet those thoughts that turn into anxiety.

I am so sorry to hear that. Fear can do a lot of weird things to the body. I know, I have been there too! - I finally had to go down to my knees and cry out to God each time and ask Him to help me get through the fear. Then it was amazing shortly afterwards I would feel a sense of calm rush over me. - I wanted to know more about this God that was helping me through. I had a Bible and I started reading through the Book of John in the New testament. I gave my life to Jesus Christ and He has been helping through all my fears and anxieties. - My suggestion to you is find a local Pastor who is highly recommended in your community and go talk to him and let him give you counsel. - I hope you do not mind that I pray for you!

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