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I can’t quit my low self esteem


Im realizing a lot of my anxiety and inability to handle problems appropriately is probabaly due to my low self esteem. I basically constantly feel self hate and connected with these symptoms listed on lifehack.com on an article about low self esteem:

Unable to trust your own opinion

Always overthinking

Afraid to take challenges, being worried you wouldn’t overcome them

Hard on yourself but lenient with others

Frequent anxiety and emotional turmoil.

The problem is, I’ve always been this way, it’s a huge mental block for me. But I don’t know how to be better? I would love to love myself but I feel like I can’t. Anyone else? Any success stories or advice?

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You need to look in the mirror & give yourself positive affirmations...it will help you! I'm here for you...wishing you all the best!!! XXX

First you just have to love yourself know your strengths accept the weaknesses and push past the mistakes. And when your overthinking sometimes you just gotta let it go and take a chance bad things could happen but so can amazing thing. Don’t allow fear of failure stop you from trying because you only really fail when you never try at all.


I have been in talk therapy for 6 years. It has helped me and to know what issues are causing it. I also see a psychiatrist. I hope this helps you. I was so scared to go into therapy but it was the best thing for me. Bless you

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