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My Anxiety/Harm OCD Story

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Hi everyone!!

Here to share my story & hope others can relate and that I can help someone out there!!

I began to experience really harsh panic attacks summer of last year. After drinking an energy drink I began to think that I seriously was having a heart attack and was so petrified that I went to the emergency room! Come to find out I was 100% healthy. I felt like I couldn’t breath and I found it hard to believe that there was really nothing wrong with me. But as the days progressed I began to experience more panic attack episodes. From sitting in class, to feeling panicky the second I woke up. It made me feel like I was not in control of the situation and I fell into depression.

I also began to experience harm OCD, where I would have irrational thoughts of harming others when in reality I’m a very sensitive sweet person.

These issues continued for a whole year and I’d like to say that it does get better!!

A year ago today I cried all the time and lived in fear of living, in fear of not being able to breath, in fear of being a bad person, someone who didn’t deserve life.

But today I’m learning how to love myself!! I can point out my good qualities, I can keep my anxiety under control and I choose not to fall into the train of negative thoughts and emotions!

I smile today :) and if anyone needs to talk please know that if I can help just by talking I most definitely will !

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Have you stopped drinking caffeine? Caffeine can cause panic like symptoms. Energy drinks are loaded with caffeine.

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I took a big break from energy drinks but am addicted to caffeine so coffee is still a daily habit of mine. Although I try to minimize to 1 cup a day.

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Yes that’s so true. It does contribute to panic attacks. My 26 year old daughter has given up all drinks that contain high caffeine and sugar. She had them so bad that she had to call an ambulance twice. Now, although not gone completely, but much better And there are loads of drinks now , including tea and cola etc that are caffeine free :)

Linav8871. So sincerely happy u have come thru the suffering of anxiety and all that goes with it. I also have been there, and your story will inspire and give hope to many. Godbless Younfor sharing it and I hope your life is full of peace love and every dream you deserve. X

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You as well!! Wishing you peace and happiness:)

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So sorry for late reply Lina. And Thankyou. for your kind wishes too take care x

Hi Linav8871!

Thank you so much for opening up and sharing your story! I’m certain that you have the ability to help others. I’m also very happy for you...I know how much hard work it takes to heal and come out on the other side! Thanks again!

It is wonderful to hear how you are doing so much better. You are encouragement to others on this site who need to hear that things do get better. I pray that you continue to feel good and keep those negative thoughts under control. It is great to share and here success stories. Blessings to you.

Thank you! Blessings to you as well : )

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