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Update- hope this helps you.


I am doing much better in regards to my depression and anxiety. I do have bad days,but it’s not as intense as it used to be, it’s manageable.

Im not sure what helped me but this is a summary of what I did.

I finally came out and told my family and my dr about how i was feeling. I am seeing a therapist. I went to a support group. I exercise like crazy. I try to meditate here and there. I now practice self compassion (when I can because sometimes it is hard). I also adopted a dog that loves to distract me lol.

I didn’t think it would get better but it has. I did not have hope before because of the intensity of my thoughts, but it has gotten much better. I am not cured but I feel like I’m actually living.

I really hope this helps someone. Take care ☺️

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That's awesome! I have been trying the meditation and exercising thing but have not been very consistent with it. You have motivated me to get my butt moving and try to kick this thing.

I’m in a same place! I would love to meditate and exercise as intuition pushes me to do so, but never never I start... you’re words are motivating! Thank you :)

And also congratulations, to me it’s a great success!

So glad you've found something (or many things) that are helping! I think sometimes it's the combination of things. Like for you, therapy + growing your circle of support + physical movement + dog snuggles was a great solution! For others, it might be a combination of some of those things plus meds. It's a rough journey to figure out what works for us individually, but the victory of finding something that eases it helps! Excited for you.

🌻🌻🌻🌻 im glad you're feeling better

Thanks everyone. Yes I’ve done a lot in hopes of finding something that helps me. I agree that everyone is different and they’ll find something else that will help them.

Im just glad I think I’m on to something for myself :). I don’t feel like such a mess anymore. Opening up has been my biggest challenge! I feel like I’m free now.

Callmedanielle in reply to RaqXo

Im so happy for you hun 💜

And I don’t like when people stereotype people with mental illness as “weak”. Mental illnesses are very difficult to go trough. We are all warriors in one way or another. 💪🏽keep fighting, keep searching and take it day by day.

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