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Big problems, No answers


I take 40mg of Citalopram

, 300mg of buPROPion

, and .5 mg of Xanax twice a day as needed. The meds are for depressions and anxiety. I've been taking this medication for about 20 years. Things have been going downhill the last month or so. I avoid social functions, I have anger, I've been mean to my family, I have very little motivation, I have plenty of self-loathing. I'm afraid to mess with the medication because for the most part it has helped. Of course there have been ups and downs. This time is a real down. It feels like I have ruined my relationships and my life. It is very difficult to feel good about anything. I don't see any answers but I am open to suggestions.

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Sometimes medications need adjustments. Are you at the maximum dose for all of them? I know changing meds is scary. You can feel better. I would suggest talking to your doctor to get his/her point of view.

Buddy589 in reply to AZ1970

Thanks AZ, I have checked an I am maxed out on the dosages so I am contemplating changes. Thanks for your reply.

Hello Buddy,

Changing meds can definitely be scary. I'm at the beginning of my journey and am still trying to find the right med combo that works for me. Each time I start something different I'm scared of what the effects will be but I just keep telling myself that things aren't going well with what I'm currently doing so maybe this will be the change that works for me. I would definitely talk with whoever is managing your meds and see what options are available. In the mean time stay active on here and if you can try having an open and honest conversation with your family about what you are experiencing.

Buddy589 in reply to mdowning81

Thanks MDownings,

I am afraid it is time to change medications. What you said about having an open and honest conversation makes sense, at least with my family, I don't know about my wife's family. Thanks for your reply.

mdowning81 in reply to Buddy589

Everyone's situation is different and you definitely don't have to tell everyone about what you are dealing with. I know for me being able to tell those closest to me about what is going on helps. Trying to hold it all in and act like it is all ok Is exhausting for me.

Buddy589 in reply to mdowning81

Thanks MDowning,

It is exhausting, even with those that know and think you can choose to fix it.

I’ve been dealing with this for 20 plus years also. It sounds like your triggered and some work needs to be done. As you know we can’t sleep on issues, we need to take them head on. For sure for me changing medications is like opening an old wound. It’s such an emotional process. In 20 years medications have changed drastically.

Buddy589 in reply to Rpan

Thanks Rpan, I appreciate your reply. I guess I'm lucky to have only increased dosages for the longest time. I hope the meds of changed for the better.

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