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This heat have me thinking do i really need this job?.... yes yes i do, junk food ain't going to buy themselves


Besides this job is a reminder of how much progress i have made, make me feel a little bit like regular people, i mean regular people don't need a service dog to keep them from having a break down but hey little progress is still progress and rome wasn't built in a day. Now let me go fill this huge bowl with ice so i don't faint while walking to work in this heat hahaha

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Well done on your progress !

Stay cool 😎


Callmedanielle in reply to Hidden

Thanks hun, i have my bowl of ice lol

Hidden in reply to Callmedanielle

Nice one 😊

put a fan in front of that bowl of ice girl,... and it's homemade air conditioning....Haaaa!

Hidden in reply to fauxartist

Haha 😂😂😂

Hahaha someone need to invent a portable AC

Invent that puppy and then with the royalties...get central air conditioning, and door to door limo service....air conditioned in style.. :)

Hi Danielle❣🌻 No ac at the library? Plus think how hot poor Spidey must be. How are you liking the job? Saw a new flavor of your favorite chocolate chocolate strawberry Kit Kat. Can't wait to try it. 🍫Hugs

fauxartist in reply to melbrown

when they get dark chocolate and raspberry....let me know...yum!!!

melbrown in reply to fauxartist

mmm... that sounds yummy too. This 1 is strawberry cookie covered with chocolate.

Spidey can't handle the heat especially since we have to walk to work in this sun

too bad we can't have an ice pack vest to put on the poor critter, and us

I got him a cooling vest online but it won't get get here until Monday so we have to deal with this weather

wow....didn't know they had such a thing...that is really great....well....have lots of water as they don't sweat...just pant....

🙁 My husband said our friend's dog Bear (Bermise Mountain dog) wasn't loving the heat. Hans hates it because we use the fans. That silly pup is scared of ceiling fans

Hahaha that's so cute and funny spidey's only scared of the vacuum

Hans would be scared of vacuum cleaners too, we have hard wood floors.

Matt where have you been, you know you can check in with me so i know you're doing ok 😐

Thank you lol and by regular i meant being able to go places have a job drive a car

Have a nice day loves me and spidey have to go to work melbrown fauxartist

Loves you too Sunflower ❤ Have a good day at work. I'm off to therapy, then to find icecream.🍦

Best to you at work! 💕


I appreciate your positivity and humor! Have a great day!


That is a lot of progress! Yea! God’s blessings!


All this talk of ice cream! Oh how I miss ice cream. Congratulations on your progress. Keep it up. It is inspiring for all of us here.

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