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No pain is greater than the other


I’ve been attending community college for 5 years now, on and off. I started part-time now I’m full-time and either way i would feel so anxious at school. Their would be days where I would skip class, drop the class, or leave because I felt like I was on stage every time I’ve entered a classroom. Now currently I get really anxious on test/quizzes/exams. And not your average I’m nervous but I’ll be okay feeling, i feel like I’m about to sky dive off of a plane. I start to distract myself my digging in my backpack finding a mint or gum and doodling, anything to calm me. If that doesn’t work and the anxiety raises I start to hyperventilate I feel like I’m dying. Going to panic attacks I try to think positive and not think about it but my body is so used to being anxious, I don’t have to worry about things to get anxiety it’s just there. I really liked going to therapy on my campus but it’s unfortunate that you only get 6 weeks of sessions each semester. I’m currently failing school because of my anxiety and during text I would get so anxious and scribble any answer because I couldn’t think being super nervous and panicking. It’s suck that I feel this way but I know I won’t let it define me. I would often beat myself up because I would say everyone has valid reasons to feel anxious if they have experienced trama and tremendous pain, unlike me who just gets scared of test and school. I do understand that this is valid in my own way. It’s just hard figuring out how to cope and be optimistic when you can slip into depression.

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i can understand you completely it happen same with me too

Tren in reply to AmIHappy

If you don’t mind sharing how’d you get through it I would like that

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