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Feeling The Symptoms With No Thoughts?


Hey everybody,

So what I’m struggling with right now are the symptoms of anxiety. Which I feel like everyday.

The sweaty feet and palms

The clenching muscles

The shoulders up to my ears

Just feeling tense in general

The knots in my stomach

The chest pain.

My heart isn’t racing. Probably because I’m on meds that prevent that.

But I just feel like I’m constantly in this state. Like excuse my outward thinking but it feels like when your almost about to orgasm and don’t. But in this case, it’s like I’m almost about to have a panic attack and don’t. Like a almost sneeze all the time.

It just makes me want to have the dang panic attack already so I can get it over with. Almost me wanting to force it.

I have no actual thought towards my anxiety. I can’t exactly pinpoint something I’m fearful of. It’s just constant.

Does anyone else feel this way.

What do you do?

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I feel that way, sometime for weeks at a time... clenched and tense all over.

Stomach and shoulders are the worst

Feel cold. Or hot...

It's like pre anxiety....

ITS THE WORST! do you do anything about it?

Hi HelpWanted92, I feel that most of us can relate to what you are experiencing. Actually as I was reading your symptoms, I got to one that immediately allowed me to bring my shoulders down away from my ears. (see what I mean) We all have that same stance when stressed but as it becomes habit, we don't think twice about it. And then we wonder where these muscular pains are coming from. :)

Once anxiety has taken hold, it no longer needs a reason to display symptoms and sensations. It's deeply buried in our subconscious mind which never forgets what we have experienced in the past or present. The trick is not accepting it's "wolf in sheep's clothing"

approach. I find that self-hypnosis, meditation and deep breathing and especially Mindfulness (keeping in the moment) helps reel me back in when my thoughts go off the deep end. :)

HelpWanted92 in reply to Agora1

That was extremely helpful thank you. Where do you find tips on self hypnosis?

I love guided meditations and deep breathing. I just hate that it’s a constant thing and I have to think about stopping it and making myself “normal”

It should be the other way around.

Agora1 in reply to HelpWanted92

HelpWanted, eventually with much practice the feeling of anxiety will lessen as your body automatically goes into deep breathing without fearing the sensations. As for the tips on self hypnosis and other methods to calm anxiety, they can be found on YouTube. I will say that I started hypnosis with a certified hypnotherapist who worked

with me for several weeks. From there, I saw that it was available on YouTube incorporated with Meditation and deep breathing. I listen to imagery and relaxation and self hypnosis on my cassette tape before bed and every morning upon awakening.

(Especially in the morning when anxiety is at it's highest for me) Just type in what you

are looking for on YouTube and the rest is in finding a speaker with a calming soothing

voice that will take you into an escape for a while. :) good luck my friend.

MariaLove123 in reply to Agora1

Omg you do self hypnosis? I actually got certified years ago. Hypnosis saved my life! When I was younger, I was angry all the time. I had the worst temper. My sister recommended a hypnotherapist and after a few weeks of going, my anger completely disappeared. I haven’t had any anger or outbursts like I used to. One thing I learned was self hypnosis. I do it when I’m falling asleep. Yes I get lazy about it a lot but you mentioning it, makes me want to do it more. I love it!

Agora1 in reply to MariaLove123

Maria, as you know it is immensely helpful. My hypnotherapist had put a suggestion in my mind that every time I heard or saw the numbers 10 to 1, my shoulders would relax, my body would calm down within moments. So now whenever I'm on an elevator going down, it is a total relaxing experience. Oh and the microwave those last 10 seconds puts me in a place of peace and calm. :) xx

MariaLove123 in reply to Agora1

It’s quite amazing. People tend to think hypnosis is like what you see on tv and it’s more for quitting smoking or losing weight. It actually helps tremendously with mental health. It’s relaxing and calming. You have to be open minded though and believe in it. We only use 5% of our subconscious mind and hypnosis helps awaken it. So things we don’t even know consciously are opened up. I love it ❤️

YES absolutely!!!!! You explained exactly how I feel everyday and night. It’s so uncomfortable! It’s like being nauseous to the point you want to just throw up and feel better and feel that release. After having a panic attack, we feel released. And feeling anxiety at its’ max but not having an attack is so frustrating. And what is the %#?€&@¥ reason? I never know and that just heightens the anxiety even more. I wish I had advice. I just wanted you to know that I feel the same way and thank you for explaining it so well. You’re definitely not alone! Anytime you want to talk I’m here! X

Thanks I really appreciate you! I’m really going to look into the self hypnosis! But it’s crazy how this happens lol. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

Look up hypnotists in your area. It doesn’t have to be a hypnotherapist. There’s not a big difference. He or she will do some sessions on you and teach you self hypnosis. Read my comment back to Agora.

I totally understand how you feel!!

Yes, I do. I catch myself holding my shoulders up in the grocery store when I'm pushing a cart, and at home when I'm on my PC. I try to assure myself that what I'm feeling by about 35 years of going through this is that there are seasons of good, and some seasons of rough patches. I try to focus on that it will get better, and it's temporary for now. That comforts me to a degree. I don't think it is uncommon that people with panic and anxiety disorders don't know what the source is. I do believe that I have some PTSD from childhood.

I hope this was helpful!

God bless you and comfort you through these difficulties....

Thank you! I do believe that this is just a rough season and that I’ll have some good seasons to come.

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