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Having a bad panic attack...

I was doing really really good.

Now I’m sitting on the couch riding out a bad panic attack. My lips are tingly. My throat feels like there’s a lump in it. My mind wants to tell me I’m having an allergic reaction, even though I know I’m not. I ate pizza a couple of hours ago. And I know I’m not having an allergic reaction to that but the fear of my throat closing up seems so real and scary...

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I feel your anxiety I am going through a bad panic attack since 3.30 this morning heart thumping stomach churning feeling sick,I live alone which makes it worse but you are not alone we are all here fighting this demon and supporting each other through these bad times sending you a big hug

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Thank you 🙏🏻

Sending a big hug your way too 🖤

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How are you doing ? I am so sorry you are not feeling good ! Hang in there ! I had to fight a panic attack today :( They are not fun !

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Hi my friend thank you for your welcoming reply,I don’t feel so alone now.My panic and anxiety have been full blown for nearly two weeks now although only been on meds for 5 days but this morning I have terrible shakes nausea and can’t stop crying to the point of hysteria because of this fear of everything can’t get off couch so exhausted I wish the meds would start to work xx

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I am also on day 5 of my meds ! Do you have anything else to help with your anxiety ? My doctor gave me lorazepam to help me out until my meds start to work. I don’t take it but it is here if I need. I understand the fear of everything ....believe me it is hard to find words to describe how it feels as you know !

Don’t lose hope ! Call your doctor back and explain what is going on ! xx

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mydogs in reply to foxglove_pnw

My doctor knows how bad I am I broke down in the surgery so he has given me buspirone but they can take one to two weeks to start working,I fear I will take a heart attack I am so stressed,I have rang surgery and they said I have to give them a chance to work .

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Sunandrose87 in reply to mydogs

The buspar does take two weeks to work. That's how long it took for me

How are you feeling ? Hope you are feeling better !

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I’m feeling much better, thank you so much 🙏🏻🖤

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I hope you’re feeling better too!

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Thanks ! I actually had a good Monday ! I only slept for 3 hours but my days good !

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So glad to hear that! 👍🏻

Things are always worse in the middle of the night aren't they. I guess there were a lot of us awake last night worrying about a variety of different health problems (me included). Deep breathing helps, as does distracting yourself and remembering also that we tend to worry about bad outcomes, yet, logically, there are as many potential positive outcomes. I've got a doctor's appointment in a couple of hours which I'm worried about, because of an undiagnosed condition. It might be good, it might not, but I guess that's how life is for everyone, good, bad and all points in between, and all we can do is learn to accept that and work on controlling our response to events. Easier said than done I know, but in my case keeping busy, like typing this now, helps. Hope you have a good day and people are kind to you and you are kind to yourself,

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Hi Sebastian ! Good luck with your doctors appointment ! Keep us posted !

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Hi Sebastian good luck for today hope all goes well .

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Thank you for your kind words 🖤

I hope your doctors appointment went well!


I hope you are feeling better now. How did you eventually calm your panic attack?

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I’m feeling a bit better now! Still dealing with the lump in my throat unfortunately.

I usually talk to myself out loud and tell myself that although I’m scared, I’m okay. Anxiety can’t kill me. And then I do alternate nostril breathing.

Best of luck to you !

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