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so depressed


ive just been so depressed... I can not even get myself into the shower ive been in bed for 2about a week, and thinking of dying all the time... ive been in therapy and medication now for few months and fee... worse... and so hopeless and just don't think I am going to be ok... I feel that I might lose this battle with depression ive been fighting for so long.... because nothing is helpng me with the pain that overwhelms my mind day after day.. just don't know what to do

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Oh, sweetie. Can you tell your doctor. It's been months with no improvements or relief. I've read from others that when they switched meds it worked for them. Just a thought.

😻 Ayla-Kat

I'm so sorry- hate to hear that your feeling this way😔💞🌸🌻💐I pray for something to turn around for you!! I hope & wish for you to discover something to bring you some hope, peace, comfort and joy!! You're not alone!!!!🐼🐶🐺🐴🐝🐞🐳🐬🐢🐩🐕🌿🍃🌺☀️☀️☀️☀️Hugs to you!!!!

Don't give up. Just don't give up.

You’re not alone. I’m there too. Vent to get it out. Also, the hotline have good therapist who are great listeners and can even relate to what your feeling.

Please don't give up. As others suggested talk to your doc and let them kno you haven't been improving at all, there may be other alternatives to therapy that may help you. We have all felt that way at one point. 💜💜💜

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