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Baby Drama Mama Problems

Wow I don’t even know where to begin!

It’s been a very very very sad 9 months!

My grandpa died in September. He lived to be 92 we were blessed by him. But also very sad that he passed away I was very close with him!

I’m also very close with all of my animals. My cat of 17 years passed away in November.

One of our beautiful dogs who was 11 years old , she passed away in January of this year.

My mother passed away at the end of February she had stage four cancer she fought a good long hard battle this was her second battle of cancer and she fought it for five years. I love both of my parents but I was definitely closer with my mom. Now there are some things that my mom did that made me withdraw from her unfortunately. I’m really not at liberty to say on here what things occurred. But nonetheless I very much miss my mom. I am trying to have a relationship with my dad my husband is actually closer with my dad then I am. I would say also my older sister is definitely closer with my dad then I am. I just don’t think my dad and I really agree on some things. And honestly my mom and dad have always spoiled my older sister and her children over me and my son. Not that I have ever wanted my mom and dad’s help because I haven’t I am very independent and I do not want his money or help. But nonetheless that still hurts too!!!

The week before my mother passed away I found out my 20-year-old son who does not work but was living with his girlfriend at the time found out his girlfriend is pregnant with no insurance. She works but she has no insurance at this point and she is due mid-September. You would think that would be a joyous thing finding out I’m going to be a grandmother , but my son and his girlfriend fight so much it is so horrible.

As I write this they are now broke up and his girlfriend finally came clean and told her mother this past week that she is pregnant. Because she had been hiding it and we did not know this. We have not even met her parents yet. But because of the way my son and her have fought so bad over the last several months they have tried to play us against one another and we haven’t even talked or met yet.

But she has lied to her Mom and said that I have been mean to her and my husband has talked crap about her. This baby isn’t even born and already twice she is threatened that we will not see this baby until she’s taken to court for visitation rights! She’s a special kind of girl! NOT!!!

Oh and Did I mention that her mom has told my son that his ex girlfriend thinks that my husband and I need to step up in this situation! Really ? Last time I checked we didn’t get her pregnant why would it be our responsibility? We already pay enough of our own sons bills why would we have to pay for our grandsons bills too? The future grandson that we’re not even going to be able to see!!! Grrrrr!!!

Our other 10 1/2-year-old dog is dying. It is so sad! And I know dying as a part of this life. But it still hurts! And oh did I mention my husband said no more pets. As these pets die we are getting no more. I do have one dog that is 4 1/2 years old and she is our baby. I will cherish every single day I have with her because she is going to be our last.

I have worked since I’ve been a teenager. My husband and I have both worked hard to be independent and stay out of debt.

While we watch others go on vacations and buy new cars and max out the Credit Card’s and live outside of their means and in houses they can’t afford. That is just not who we are not for this kind of living , which I am glad!

But I feel like people put their nose down to us because we don’t go in debt to live the American dream. Which I know I should not care what anybody else thinks but that’s easier said than done, while they live in their fancy pretty homes and drive their fancy pretty cars. I know it sounds like I’m jealous and maybe I am a little bit. While my husband and I both have worked hard and many years for these nonprofit companies ! we will never get rich working for these companies but it has paid the bills and vacation days off are awesome ! Even if we can’t afford to go on vacations lol yes at least we get the time off to relax to get away from work. Even if it is spent at home LOL!

I go to Church every Sunday! I believe in the power of Prayer ! I believe in Heaven , Which is why I have been longing for Heaven That’s the final prize!

I would like to think everything is going to be all right and things will start looking up but every time especially regarding my son I think things will get better somehow they take a turn for the worse because those two just can’t seem to get along. Both very young and immature!

Sorry to unload all of this but it’s definitely been weighing heavy on my mind.

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Thanks for allowing me to vent , this was really helpful, Even if nobody reads this or replies, There is something beneficial about getting things off your chest ! I appreciate this so much ! I am feeling a lot better this morning ❤️. I do plan on using this in the future , especially when I am in a funk like I was this weekend !


Hi just me.

I wanted you to know I read your post and I’m so sorry for all you have endured. The sad losses, I’m so sorry.

I’m so glad it helped to write things down and you feel a little better. I am a great believer in things can improve , and often we can be pleasantly surprised when we least expect and I hope this is the case with your son.

It is good thing to share how you are feeling. It seems to somehow lighten the load. I’m sorry I don’t have the answers, I wish I did ...

You are not alone.

Welcome to you, I’m glad you found us here

🌼🌺🌼🌺 🙏 xx

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God bless you & ((((Thank you)))

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Your most welcome 🌺🌼🌺🌼

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Good for you for being a hard worker!! You should be very proud of yourself and of your husband!

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Thank you


You have definitely hit a “rough patch”!!!’ I am so sorry for your losses and the circumstances that are continuing. But you said something very important, that. You believe I the “power of prayer” and that my friend is a game changer!!! The key is to take it to God in prayer & LEAVE IT THERE!!! Now that’s the tricky part and where most of us (especially me) screw up!! Just”LAY ITDOWN & LEAVE IT! GOD DONT NEED OUR HELP but he DOES want us to ask Him for His help!!’ Ok I’m done, sermons over, we gona take up the offering now!! Seriously I don’t mean to make light of your circumstances. Even in my own circumstances I try to find something to make me smile and lighten the mood. Know that I will also be praying for the situation and that precious grandchild. Take care of “grandma” and let me know how things are going

Nana O’oie “KLU”

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