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I really can't make a decision. My mind is so boggled. I can't put together a straight answer. I need a job, but when I stand to long I am in so much pain I can hardly walk after work. So I had to quit. We don't like it here where we live. It is just getting more stressful every day. We have been here since September and He finally found a job, but it is so very stressful on him. He wants me to look for work in Texas but we need to sell this place first so we will have money. I wish I was smarter to come up with the answers we need, but I can't. I wish I knew what to do. Maybe make the decision and just do it.

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I think you are plenty smart enough to get through this. I see change as opportunity. We don't know what will happen until we just do it, but we seem to live with the results.

Best of luck...


Hi I emphasise as I have always suffered with back pain and all my life have been unable to do stand up or energetic jobs. If you must have a job and a sit down one have a think about which these could be. There is obviously office work, but how about working on a till somewhere? Or in a factory? It may not be what you want or are trained for but it will be money.

Good luck with it. x

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Making life changes decisions is hard for everyone, so do not feel too bad. Maybe try to make a list of all the pros and cons and make a decision based on that. At least you have a home to sell.. that as it is is an advantage!

Take your time but use the time wisely. Make a little progress every day. Regarding jobs, there are a lot of things you could do that do not require a lot of physical activity. Have you thought about helping an old person? taking care of children? some people hire privately for that and it may be some income until you find something better. Best of luck!


How about a bank, office or even eventually going back to school for something more suitable. There are career centers that could help you, and since you already have med needs ( pain) maybe voc rehab?


Banks require you to stand. I am looking into other office jobs but keep getting turned down. Went to a pain specialist who told me I was over weight and out of shape. I feel he didnt listen to me. I do have 2 bulging disc. I have a nagging twinge and my skin us extremely sensitive and makes the tingle worse. I feel from the disc, but this mr know it all wouldnt listen to what i had to say. So Im getting a neurologist point of view and a chiropractor.


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