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Feeling defeated

I’m feeling really defeated tonight. All day has been hard for me, all I want to do is cry but I feel I’ve cried out all my tears. I feel very neutral, as if I’m sailing by and life is just white. I know it sounds weird but I feel that’s the best way to explain it. I’m anxious all day every day and the symptoms are kicking my ass. Just need a friend to talk to is all.

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Hiya there! I totally hear ya and I can sympathize. I feel like not getting out of bed half the time. But if you need someone to talk to, I'm here for ya :)

A friend,

Brian :)


I couldn’t have explained it better. Well if u ever need someone to talk to. Plz text me. Although I may end up talking to u abt me too, cuz well, I could use a friend to talk to also!😊❤️


So many of us feel that way at times. I think it’s a survival mechanism to sort of go numb when the pain is too much. But I notice that what happens is the mind chases it’s tail and causes more chaos so you have to Shut. It. Down. Come back to the here and Now. You are enough. No need to fret and frazzle. You are safe. Clean air and sunshine and friends surround you. Do not allow yourself to follow a train of thought down a dark alley. That’s where the mind wants to take you. Snap your fingers. Ring a bell. Put on a motivational YouTube video. Get Good Stuff in your head. Bad stuff is all around so we all must consciously CHOOSE to put WISDOM in our minds instead of headlines of war and misery. I love listening to strong people like Dr. Laura, Dave Ramsey, Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins, Mel Robbins, Louise Hay, Zig Zigler just to name a few. Put good stuff in your machine. Be discerning. You are the editor of what goes into your head.


U told that how are you feeling but i want to know why u feeling like this and what made u feel like this. Every cure is hidden inside it’s cause.


I read your post and understand the feeling of defeat, or in my case it tends to be more frustration because i have a bad habit of comparing my current situation to times in my past when I was doing more and all around feeling better about my life with some enthusiam. I seem to feel this defeated feeling more at night, possibly medication related as well as situational. You described how you feel, as feeling...white. I define this feeling as feeling ...flat and disconnected. I had a really rough year plus and am doing my best but I definitely also still am experiencing goal though is not again to end up discouraged, depressed, give up or stop moving forward somehow. The best advice i received from my social worker and it was to keep moving...slowly, just move. Which I have been doing and I am just a person and also new to this site...I hope for you and myself that today I do not end up in that, "zone" that you described as sailing and white...mine is as i said feeling disconnected and at worst, dissociated. I have started again to get outside and walk for excercise as I was basically bedridden, in and out of the hospital and did a while lot of nothing in the last year plus...In my past I had a happier, structured and definiytely more productive life. My mental and emotional issues are very real and I am seeking out solutions verses doing what I began to do over the past few years...isolate, hide, dwell on my past and was very hard on myself. I am slowly recovering and trying to reinvent my life which i thought i coyuld do alone...i am stubborn to a fault...i now am acutely aware that i need the support of others and this is a big step for me as reaching out and asking for help is not easy for me. Hope you feel better today, thanks for your post it.

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