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So yesterday I went to my doctor and was told I'm suffering from anxiety. She has put me on medication and referred me for counselling but she said both things will take time. So basically, I'm home, in a constant state of stress and I just don't know what to do. I can't function to go to work all I want to do is sleep because when I sleep I don't feel anything. What can I do, please?

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Hi. I hope your medication starts working soon and helps. Until then Maybe set an alarm in the morning and instead of hitting the snooze button as soon as it goes off just jump out off bed and take a shower and help wake you up. Go outside for a nice walk jog or run. Try and find some small activities that you like that might keep you from thinking. I'm battling with depression these help me when I do it. But I have trouble to continually do it. I hope some of this might help.

Thank you for replying. Hopefully I can try to get up tomorrow. Good luck with your journey.

Thank you and good luck with your journey as well. Let's both set our alarm and take an early morning walk take a picture of the beatiful day ahead of us hope for a good day Depression and anxiety free.

You are already doing something positive, you are reaching out to others. That is a very good thing. Getting outside in the sun and fresh air is another thing you can do. Sunshine gives you vit.D and exercise increases the endorphins, both fight depression.😊

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Thanks, I've gone for a few walks today which I suppose has just broken up the day. I think I've just been wanting a quick cure but can see there isn't one, which makes my heart beat even faster!

Hiya. Sorry to hear about the difficult time you are having. You are right though about there being no quick fix. For those of us who have lived with anxiety for long periods I think the answer lies in managing it so that you can get on with your life. That can involve lots of small changes which all add up : exercise, diet, new hobbies and experiences, training yourself to respond differently to stress triggers, varying your routine,constantly just making small adjustments. The medication and counselling will support you in making these changes, so please be patient and rest assured that you are moving in the right direction and will get to where you want to be. Small steps. Take care,

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Thanks for your message, it is so reassuring to know I'm not on my own in this.

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You are definitely in good company here. Lots of us are walking the same path as you and it's nice to communicate with fellow travellers and get advice, support and empathy.

Sorry for such experiences, its good you are on this platform where members understand what we go through. Personally I have lived with generalized anxiety disorder since 2015 but still have worries up to this point, even right now I feel I give people hard time but all in all I have learnt life has to go on. Good thing is now days stress is not as severe as it used to be. Been off medication for a while. Just take your medication, accept the conditions and know you have done nothing bad its just the sickness

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Thanks, I'm glad I've found this group. I hope you keep well.

I hope that your having a good day today!

Thanks for thinking of me. I got up early and had a shower and breakfast so that's all positive! I hope you have a good day too!

Sounds like a great morning! Hope the rest of your day has been good! I went for a walk this morning! Felt good.

Good on you going for a walk, what a nice way to start the day. I hope the rest of your day is going well.

It was a great way to start the day! I hope you have a good weekend!

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