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Glass Shattering

Last night I was asked to bake an Apple Crisp. And I was all for it. Baking always calms me down after a bad day so I wasn't complaining at all...But when I was done with the apples I went to grab the glass cake pan behind me to place it next to the apple bin (because I am crazy about keeping everything in neat order) and before it even touched the counter, it shattered. My immediate first thought was "wtf?" and my second was a string of thoughts that still make no sense to me. My mind went into over drive and my hands started shaking. I felt the tears begin to prickle and spill over as I stood, covered in small cut from the glass that had shattered for no apparent reason. I knew I was having a panic attack, it was caused by my minor ptsd from the glass and loud shattering. I dind't know what to do and I still don't.

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wow that's a scary thing to happen...I know that a strange thing can happen to a tempered glass if it has can just shatter with the lightest knock after seemingly being fine for a long's just a stored tension in the glass....weird though....and certainly very disturbing and triggering for would frighten anyone...but having that anxiety sensitivity....I am sorry that happened... hope your feeling a bit better now.


Thank you and I am feeling a bit better now, just small nicks here and there


I can completely relate to this. Something that, to someone else, may seem like just an odd thing completely changes your whole mood and thoughts. Have you had a panic attack before? If you haven't I know it can be really confusing. Knowing when you're having one can be a good thing because you can potentially help yourself out. I try to count my breaths. Doesn't help right away, still takes a while, but it helps. How are you today?


I have had panic attacks before and I think I've tried everything to help calm me down but the only thing that seems to help is another holding me and humming, but that's hard to come by in my house. I am doing better today, thank you.


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