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TMS started one week ago...going well

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I started TMS therapy one week ago and am feeling some improvement already, although it seems to take a few weeks at least to show benefits. I no longer sit and watch tv all day and have started reading again, which is a big deal for me. I cannot take ssri’s or any other psych meds as I have severe reactions to them. Diagnosed with PTSD-DS (I think that’s the proper term), dissassociative PTSD, and have been suffering most of my life - this last episode lasting two and a half years. I had basically given up hope because I can’t take the meds that might help me. This is so much better. Catch...In the USA you need to have been in therapy and tried a few meds and failed with them to be eligible for insurance to cover TMS, but it is covered. I’m doing six weeks, five days a week. Happy to answer any questions. Be well and prosper...

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I’m glad things are looking up for you!

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sjof in reply to needmycalm

Thanks! This is a great space to share information and support. I’m glad I finally have something to share...😊

Hi I'm so glad to hear TMS is helping you. I was just reading about this last night but it seemed to have mixed reviews. I just really excepted that the therapy and meds are not going to fix my depression. Can I ask if depression is part of PTSD as I am not really familiar with it?

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sjof in reply to Lostmyself65

Hi and thanks for responding! I am not a doctor or any kind of health care professional so what I am telling you is only from my limited experience as a patient and fellow sufferer. Here is a link from the VA about PTSD so that you can get an idea of what it is.

I have always suspected that due to my past I had PTSD, but had never gotten a diagnosis until I went to a psychiatrist to see if I was a candidate for TMS. She is the one who finally gave me a formal diagnosis. She also was quite insistent that my therapist be trained in PTSD.

I have PTSD-DS which is Dissasociative PTSD, a subtype of PTSD. It’s in the link I posted above. Direct trauma is the underlying aspect of PTSD.

But TMS seems to have a high success rate with depression if you want to look into it. If you are in the USA it might be covered under your insurance.

I hope this info helps you.

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Lostmyself65 in reply to sjof

Thank you for the information. I hope things only get better for you.

Good info to know. Interested in hearing your progress. I think I'll meet the criteria for insurance coverage but even with a portion pay the research I did reveal it would be too costly. definitely best wishes to you😊

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sjof in reply to Carlee1962

I’m sorry to hear that about the expense for you. I hope something works out so that you can receive the treatments.

Thank you for sharing your story...I'm interested to know what TMS entails?

Hi Magicdreamer,

I am not a medical expert so I can only relate my personal experience with TMS. For me it entails a series of treatments that run five days a week for either four or six weeks. The treatments as I’ve experienced them are about 20 minutes long and take place in a therapy center. I sit in a big dentist type chair and a device is placed next to my head on the left side. There are a series of magnetic pulses. Some people find it a bit painful and some people find it soothing. Nothing touches your head, but to me it feels a bit like a woodpecker.

That’s about it. There is no lasting pain and no side effects that I am aware of.

I hope this information helps you!


For those interested in the mechanics of TMS, here is a description from the Mayo Clinic...

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