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Had a rough night last night, slept on the couch cause I lashed out at my wife...i just couldn't handle it last night. I tried to calm down, but it felt the more I tried to calm down, my wife got more angry at me. I was hoping her coming to my therapist appointment was going to open her eyes to what I go through....but she just brushes it off. She has her own issues but they are more as they come throughout the day. Mine is constant, deep rooted, and crippling. I'm far worse than anyone knows.

I try to stay strong but I'll be damned if it's not the single most impossible thing to do....

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Nothing’s impossible. Every action creates a reaction. Now you’ve learned what not to do. Lashing out only satisfies your anxiety, and it proves over and over that the reactions to such explosions are more anger and hurt. Just stop and take a breath. Give your wife the respect every woman demands and deserves. Remember she’s going through this with you not on her own. It is very possible to stay strong - people do it every day


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