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Flight of fear

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I am nervous as my husband wants to take I and our at that time almost 4 year old girl to Disneyworld next winter. I suffer from anxiety and when I was younger motion sickness. I am very worried I have never been on a plane before and dont know how I will feel on it. It's only about a 3 hour flight. Has anyone dealt with anxiety and or motion sickness on a plane? If so how was your first flight? Totally freaking here.

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After my relapse last year I was so afraid to get on a plane, that I skipped 3 family holidays, when I started working again I had to fly for work, I was in so much anxiety, my doctor gave me a valium for the flight, but I decided not to take it instead I had my warm cup of milk n kept busy during the flight irregarldless of the shivering and cold sweats I was getting, it’s hard but take it from someone who has been there it’s do-able

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Thank you. I'm not so much worried about being nervous as much as feeling nauseous because if I feel that way then I panic.

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Ask for an anti-nausea medication from your doctor

I’ve had the worst panic attacks since May and I’ve always been a nervous flyer but we went to Disney last week almost 3 hour flight.. I listen to music talk to the flight attendants and tell them how terrified I am and they always help.. I shake sweat flush and go to bathroom 1299 times but I make it through. And my kids had the best time so I do it for them and flight home is quicker we watched frozen and by the time it ended we were landing. Trust me no one could be worse then me on a plane and I did it

And as long as it’s a smooth flight you shouldn’t have to worry about motion sickness or take Dramamine before.. take a first thing in the morning flight

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Yeah that's really the only thing I'm nervous about is feeling sick because that's my anxiety trigger being feeling sick around people.

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That does help to know it's normal to freak! I am just worried because I have never flown before and get anxious being so uncertain about how I'll react. But ill do anything for my daughter and I know once we are there it'll be a blast.

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You will be fine.. and they will love it when you are there!! I’ve even been getting ready to board and saying to my husband maybe we should skip this 😂 I’ve flown close to 30 times and I hate it every single time but it gets us there way faster!

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Haha yes I think it's worth 3 hours of being uncomfortable for a week of so much fun :)

My Doctor gives me Benzodiazepines or Valium for emergencies. Please ask your Doctor for some to take before the flight and they really calm you down. 5 mg is a small dose and you will be amazed how well they work. Good luck x

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Thank you

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