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Divorce Advice

Hello, I’ve decided to divorce my husband and need general advice. I don’t know where to start. Should I talk to several attorneys? What should I ask them to make sure they will be good? I have 3 1/2 yr old and 7 yr old. I suffer from depression which my husband tried to use against me last year when he tried to get full custody by saying I was suicidal instead of trying to get me mental help. Supposedly we worked things out but not really and now it’s my turn to serve him with papers.

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Faux - This must be very difficult for you and also for Pika, above. The advice about the "he said-she said" stuff is useful both in a divorce situation, but also in many other situations. Generally no one really wants to hear this.

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I’ve tried to kick him out before but he won’t leave and it’s not easy for me to leave with two kids and a dog. Can I get them to make him leave the house?


Thank you for your advice.


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