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giving up


even here I feel like people don't understand. I have no one. no distant friends, no close friends, no one. I have extreme social anxiety and its very hard to be around most people so its very hard to meet new people. and even when I try, no one is ever interested in me. how long do I have to be alone? its been so long since I've felt like I've had someone that cares enough about me to make an effort at being a true friend. at this point I don't feel like I will ever have someone like that in my life again and it really hurts. I truly don't know how much longer I can live like this. I contemplate suicide almost every day and one of these days I will really act on it because I have no one to stop me.

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I'm sorry you feel so alone and that no one cares or understands you, it must be really really hard for you to cope with all those feelings every day. Social anxiety is an isolating and crippling condition and I think it can be hard for people to understand the impact it can have on your life. Do you mind if I ask if you getting any medical or professional help? If you want you can talk a bit more about how you feel and how it's affecting your life. You deserve happiness just like everyone else.

dbwoy in reply to CazO46

I have 2 therapists and I've been on practically every medication out there. nothing seems to help.

CazO46 in reply to dbwoy

Has there been anything you've had success eith, even short term? It might be a long shot but have you ever been to a meditation class? If you have tried everything else you might want to try something new. I started going about 3 months ago am just starting to occasionally feel the benefit but I think it will take time.. Just a thought. Online friends can still be friends

dbwoy in reply to CazO46

some meds seemed to work at first, but nothing for very long. I'm on the emsam patch right now and it seemed like it was helping, but then all of sudden I had overwhelming feelings of loneliness and now I can't stop feeling bad.

CazO46 in reply to dbwoy

I think meds can only take you so far then your body gets used to them and not so effective. Loneliness is heartbreaking and a real struggle to deal with. You are not completely alone we are here for you .

Dbwoy, it may feel like no one cares or understands you right now because you are severely depressed and having a difficult time in your life. We all suffer with depression and anxiety so we understand how difficult the struggle can be. Also, we do care about you and will continue to reach out to you.

Please, if you feel like hurting yourself or committing suicide go to the nearest hospital or call a suicide hotline for help. If you are no longer able to cope with life it may be time to consider hospitalization. It helped me when I was severely depressed.

There are also alternative therapies to help with your depression such as ECT and a couple of other options. Are you seeing a good psychiatrist? If you’re not, I encourage you to see one. My psychiatrist prescribes lorazepam for my anxiety. I take it for my social anxiety when I think I need it and find it helpful. Also, does your therapist specialize in treating social anxiety?

I would talk to your doctor about getting a dog for a companion animal too. Only if you like dogs though. I think many of us on this site have pets and they give us comfort and companionship. Pets are also a great way to meet people too. I love dogs and always gravitate towards dogs and ask their owner if I can pet them and sometimes end up chatting with them after I pet their dog.

It takes time to get better, but please don’t give up! If If you don’t feel comfortable sharing on this site, you can chat with one of us privately.

dbwoy in reply to J760

I have dogs. I have 2 therapists. ive tried almost every medication available. doesn't help. I don't feel like there is anything else to try.

As CazO mentioned, try a group meditation class, or group therapy, or even a group exercise class. The key word is "group." You will get some benefit from the classes and may make some friends. It will also give you a chance to work on your social anxiety.

What do your therapists recommend for your social anxiety? My therapist has me doing mindfulness and practicing body scans throughout the day to teach my muscles to relax. She has also said I need exposure therapy to get over it where you take little steps at a time until you get over your social anxiety.I know many people have mentioned a book written by Claire Weeks and another book called Dare for social anxiety.

Also are you avoiding caffeine and limiting your sugar? They both make anxiety worse. Exercise is also important. Also sleep and a healthy diet.

Is one of your dogs a companion animal that you can take with you when you go out in public and into public buildings?

The other two that responded are also right that going to a class or group is helpful so you will be around others. Maybe it would be easier if you started with a small group

We’re here for you and we’re not giving upon you! You matter and we care about you!

I understand ur feelings. I work and help ppl. I get reminded sometimes I've helped ppl. I too struggle most days.

I appreciate your honesty. I started dealing with social anxiety by going to the mall and just starting any kind of conversation with a complete stranger. I felt like such a jerk. I said the strangest things mostly to people that were much older than me. Soon I began to have conversations everywhere I went. I began looking people in the eyes as we spoke. Each step I took I really was proud of myself. I learned that there are people out there that are genuine. This was way before Starbucks. I would suggest to start visiting these coffee shops and don’t leave until you have a conversation with someone. It would be a start...

I don't have a clue how to make you feel better, but your story sounds like it was coming out of my mouth. God bless you

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