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i m writing this and i dont know if someone can relate to me but this is my day now .

2hours anxiety 2 hours im great than again with abdominal pains and hand and legs tingling that goes all day and tnx god on the evening im fine , than same thing all over again some days i wish for death to relive me from this misery and some days im like tomorrow will be better .Sry but i had to get this out of my chest and tnx

PS:i don`t take any medications

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I've read both of your posts, and although I'm not a doctor, it's clear that you're suffering from panic disorder. I don't understand why you're not getting any treatment for it. I can tell you from experience that it will NOT magically go away if you continue to do nothing. Do you really want to continue agonizing this way, or do you want to go about changing it for the better?

Juventus in reply to jkl5500

tnx for replying im trying my best to power true i was scared to drive my car but i pushed my self to it now i dont have problems with it next on my list is my job starting on it in 10 days its around 150 miles from my home witch is my safe place and im telling my self what can go wrong i cant die from it so il give it a try . trying to find my courage and im scared that the medication will make me passive and quite a boring guy that is another anxiety :) oh and i forgot to mention i did not had a panic attack for 6 years now

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