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Harm OCD Webinar - Now Available On-Demand


Featuring ADAA members Debra Kissen, PhD, MHSA and Ashely Kendall, PhD

$10 Registration fee (all proceeds benefit ADAA's Education Fund)

One category of OCD which we frequently see at our treatment center that is less understood and sadly can be associated with tremendous emotional pain and suffering is Harm OCD. Harm OCD is no different from other forms of OCD in that one experiences frequent, uncomfortable intrusive thoughts and associated behaviors to decrease emotional discomfort and attempt to gain control over the thoughts. But what is unique (and so devastating ) about Harm OCD is that it strikes where it hurts most. Harm OCD goes after one's values and sense of identity and injects thoughts that conflict with everything one holds most true and life enhancing about themselves.

This recorded webinar shares tips and tools to: identify if you may be dealing with Harm OCD; make sense of why Harm OCD picks such painful themes and content; take the power away from Harm OCD, and re-engage in your life now.

There is a Q&A at the end of the webinar.

Learn more and register here: adaa.org/webinar/consumer/p...

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thank you very much and I really hope people read about this....a lot of questions about this subject.

Would it be possible to edit the events banner for this inar? Every time I go to the support page I see "pedophiles", "rapists", and "murderers". It makes me a little uncomfortable, and part of my program is asking for what I need. The term Harm OCD would be enough to get me to click on the link.

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